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Nestled at the end of a leafy serene boulevard, at the crossroads of Richmond Road and Wood Street, is Le Studio de Tattoo Eternal Expression.

Located at the heart of bustling Bangalore City, our Studio is not too far for anyone to reach, whichever direction you might be coming from. This central location places us right on the pulse of everything that’s happening in the city – the best shopping, the trendiest pubs, fine dining, and the hottest clubs are all within a 3 mile radius of Us. Location

Once you enter our abode you’ll be greeted by a rush of Individuality and Positivity, which is what we’re all about. Every bit of our space has a personality; every object within it has its own history. All the elements come together in harmony, creating an atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming, while still buzzing with life & energy.

When you visit us bring time to spare; and take a moment to soak it all in. The walls, the ceiling, each work of Art is unique, one of a kind. Nothing mass produced, nothing replicated. Every piece is a testament to the artists’ vision, and every one of our artists has contributed to the creation and evolution of our Studio.

Tattoo Artists from around the world visit our Studio as guests and leave behind a signature piece or two as a memoir of the time they spend with us. Our friends observe that the environment is never exactly the same as it was before. It could be a subtle change, like a new addition somewhere. Or it could be a bold move in a whole new direction with vivid splashes of color.

Tattoos are our Core. They are our Discipline and our Religion. Our work represents the Energy of Life, all the forces that drive us towards a better, happier existence. We stay true to our beliefs while happily embracing new cultures – that’s how we grow and evolve.

You may see us in many new avatars over time, each more beautiful and vibrant than the last. These are the milestones on our journey, where every experience is an adventure.

Transcend the Usual.

Here at Eternal Expression, we do it every day!

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7 thoughts on “Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio

  • Thanks a lot for ur dedication and precious time. You hav got fearless handwork. Being a surgeon I admire ur rock stable hands and precise knowledge about handling the instruments.. I hav seen people wid tattoos dat faded away after few yrs or person suffered from sepsis due to unhygienic work. Wish u the best for future.. And thank you once again.

  • I would say expression definitely a best place to get your tattoo. Especially if u want some unique design which is not a copy of others. Time devoted & dedication for the work is just amazing and it definitely will satisfy you 100% with guarantee. The after effects and precautions to take, explained by him has definitely made me relaxed after listening to various negative effect of tattoo by others. I would rate 10/10 to the studio, being my first one i am sure to get another one ASAP. Thanks once again and wish u all the best for the future.

  • It definitely is the best place to get a tattoo done. Highly appreciate the time and effort put into doing even a small tattoo. Extremely happy with the tattoo done by Veer and every bit of it is perfect! All the instructions regarding the aftercare were explained very well. Eternal expression tattoo studio is the best! Looking forward to get my next tattoo done from here! Thanks alot 🙂

  • Hai this is karthik from tamil nadu, i have full intrested regarding of tattoo, so just i want know about that fee structure at the same time of feature of this course. So please some one try to gude me. Now am working with private company in bangalore

  • I always dreamt of having a realistic tattoo to express my love towards my husband and to celebrate the success of our relationship. A unique tattoo with the identity of mine and Mahesh along with an event that I would like to rejoice is what I was thinking of, and this thought figured into a beautiful design.

    Veer Hegde, from Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio did an amazing effort in tattooing this indelible design on my hand. He is the only person from whom I got a positive response to do the thumb impression tattoo in smaller size. Veer has an amazing patience for tattooing this for nearly six hours, and is fully dedicated to give his best by doing it in detail, in a smaller size tattoo.

    I am so happy! it’s been three days since I got tattooed this, even then I can’t stop gazing at my tattoo.

  • I’ve done my belly button piercing here n love 2 tell date display is d best place were u can feel free 2 express ur thoughts n ur dreams……n veer is d person who is soon calm n pleasant person who does his work perfectly n it’s pain free☺I love 2 suggest dis place 4 all those who want dey dream piercing or tattoo done…..thank u veer ur work is great

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