Nose Piercing in Bangalore

Nose Piercing in Bangalore

Painless Hygienic Nose Piercing in Bangalore

Piercing is an Art-form that has existed in human culture before civilization.

Nose Piercing is an integral part in the expression of beauty for a woman. Practiced Mostly in Cultures across India and Parts of Asia. A woman must adorn beautiful Nose Jewelry to feel Beautiful and Graceful. Globalization has made Nose Piercings an International Trend. Women from around the World get their Nose pierced.

At Eternal Expression Piercing is performed by a Highly Experienced Professional, Sterilized Equipment, One Time Use Needles(that come Sterilized Packed), All done in a Clean Hygienic Environment. We Have a Full Time Nurse part of our Crew for all Medical Needs(Local Anesthesia), Sterilization and Hygiene.

Nose Piercing in Bangalore is done at Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio Manually with a surgical steel or silver stud, rings are optional!

Step by Step Procedure of Nose Piercing

  1. The Nostril/septum to be Pierced is sterilized.
  2. Ideal Location for the Nose Piercing is Marked.
  3. Local Anesthesia is applied on the region.
  4. A Sterilized Receiving Tube is inserted into the Nostril.
  5. The Needle swiftly pierces the skin.
  6. A stud following the needle locks into the piercing.
  7. Congratulate yourself on getting your Nose Pierced! Painlessly!

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