Tattoos Inspired by Music

Music tattoos may not have been around for thousands of years, but music has!  The oldest evidence that people used to make music, and listen to it, dates back in 200 BC. The Greeks had a way of putting accents on certain words, making them sound different and rhythmical. As time went by, music gained more and more ground. Confucius, the famous philosopher from China, referred to music in his profound writings. He came to the conclusion that music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. 

Numerous other personalities shared their thoughts about music, including Shakespeare. The general opinion about music hasn’t changed for thousands of years. Luckily, we have access to a much larger variety of music than they did.

Music tattoos are a way of expressing our love for music. Getting a tattoo that is somehow connected with the idea of music is like transposing music into images. The musical notes are known to accurately do that, but there are also various symbols that can help us express our feelings towards music.

Music tattoos can be divided in two main categories, namely for music lovers and for music makers. The first category usually comprises musical notes and headphones combined with other visually alluring elements like roses, ribbons, hearts, compact cassettes and so on. In addition, it includes band logos and portraits of favorite singers.

The second category is more focused on musical instruments. Depending on the instrument they play, people get violin tattoos, guitar tattoos, drums tattoos, bass guitar tattoos, microphone tattoos and so on. They are more interested in the technical part of making music than on how it feels like.

Simple or complex, music tattoos are able to express your love for music in general, a certain band or singer, and a certain musical instrument. So, if you’re a big fan of some form of music, be it rock, metal, jazz or hip hop, there are a thousand tattoo designs to show off your love for music, or just to restore your faith in the healing power of music. The process of going through the many designs and choosing the one that best appeals to you is exciting. So, go ahead and get the name of your favourite band or the brand logo or the lyrics of your favourite song inked, and get inspired every time you look at the tattoo!


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