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Hair tattoo in Bangalore

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation in Bangalore has been in practice at Eternal Expression since 2010. 

If you google: hair tattoo, sometimes refers to a barbershop request where designs are: cut into the hair, however in this context, we are talking about the hair tattoo for bald men! A hugely popular hair loss cover-up that hundreds of thousands of men worldwide have now chosen!

The technical term for this type of treatment is called Scalp Micropigmentation.

Calling this a hair tattoo can be, misleading as the process is much more involved than a regular tattoo, and the technique for a cosmetic tattoo is entirely different.

What is a Hair tattoo?

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation in Bangalore at Eternal Expression

Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Bangalore at Eternal Expression

Simply put, it is a process where thousands of tiny pigment deposits: are inserted into the upper dermis of the scalp.

When performed by: a skilled practitioner with specialist training, the result is a highly effective illusion of a full head of shaved hair!

Due to the nature of this procedure, it does not matter how much hair the man has lost already.

Unlike hair transplant surgery, hair tattooing is not reliant on a supply of hair from the donor! What that means is even men who have lost most of their natural hair can still have a hair tattoo even if they have experienced total hair loss through a condition like alopecia.

Are the results of Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Bangalore convincing?

It depends on where you get it done.
When hair tattoo for bald men; is performed by a skilled technician, and the client keeps their remaining hair shaved. Yes! The results can be fantastic!

At Eternal Expression, we have a 100% satisfaction rate!

How long has Scalp Micro-Pigmentation in Bangalore been around?

SMP in Bangalore at Eternal Expression performed its first hair follicle Tattooing session in around 2010. That makes Eternal Expression one of the earliest and most experienced practitioners of hair tattooing in India.
However, permanent cosmetic artists: have been experimenting for much longer than that. Evidence suggests: scar camouflage or density additions were practised even in the ’80s and ’90s!
Now marketed as a multi-million dollar industry with an estimated 300,000 people worldwide have had the procedure!
Get that natural shaved look and relieve the frustrating effects of hair loss. Scalp Micro-pigmentation in Bangalore is the best choice for you!

Scalp Micropigmentation Explained

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation. That requires both medical knowledge, high skill and state of the art, special equipment.
While it uses the same process as traditional tattooing, Scalp Micropigmentation is a unique specialization! SMP involves the use of highly specialized equipment and techniques to inject pigment into the scalp.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is an intricate procedure with a guaranteed result. The quality of your treatment depends on two things: Using the most up-to-date equipment and getting your treatment from the most skilled and experienced practitioners.

At Eternal Expression, we use a special, better than the computer-controlled system, the most cutting edge technology in the industry, to ensure you receive a consistent appearance across the head and completely flawless results.

Each treatment: is tailored to your exact skin colour, forehead shape, natural hair foliage pattern and size, hair type.

The Eternal Expression branch of Cosmetic Tattooing: was founded to create quality products in the tattoo industry. We got into the cosmetic tattoo and the permanent makeup industry due to client demand and trust in the skills of our founder. Eternal Expression has been in the industry for over a decade and has performed Hair tattoos as early as 2010. We are the pioneers and leaders in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry in India.

All SMP is done directly by one of the most experienced SMP practitioners in India: Veer Hegde. We do not believe in amateurs or apprentices when it comes to dealing with our clients. Only the most proficient practitioners whose expertise is undeniable, with a record of proven results, work on our clients.

Permanent solution for Alopecia Patients

SMP is the only 100% guaranteed permanent concealment option for alopecia.

Numerous terms describe this process: scalp pigmentation, micro scalp pigmentation, SMP, MSP, hair follicle replication, Trico-pigmentation and: according to Wikipedia, hair tattooing. Please note that all these terms refer to the same basic scalp technique!

It now is the fastest-growing solution for hair loss in recent history! 

Because, It is non-invasive, has almost universal appeal and is permanent! Which certainly makes it the most reliable!

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Special Scalp Micro pigmentation [SMP] Needles

A temporary option known as Trico-pigmentation, which uses semi-permanent ink, is also an option preferred by many!
Furthermore, it has been the only cost-effective hair loss fix to offer instantaneous, guaranteed results!
Successful results are proven by genuine before and after photos!
It is easy to understand why celebrities worldwide now opt to have this as the ultimate go-to procedure!

TThe cost of treatment varies from clinic to clinic. The price depends heavily on the exact requirements area and intricacies. However, remember the best results can be achieved only: by an experienced technician, who has received adequate training and has several good reviews from previous clients!

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