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Permanent Makeup in Bangalore

Tattoos for Cosmetic purposes. Cosmetic Tattoos could help hide a scar, camouflage a discolored patch of skin, or restore your hairline or eyebrows. Eternal Expression home to the Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore has been practicing cosmetic tattoos or permanent makeup in Bangalore since 2010.

Permanent Makeup has helped transform many lives and most importantly restore confidence.

Cosmetics have been practiced across the cultures of the world for over 7000 years. synchronous to some of the earliest human rituals, beautification is as part of culture as language itself.

Now with the help of modern research, technology, tools and skills we are able to make permanent cosmetic solutions. Where you can get the benefits of cosmetics without the trouble of repeated monthly/quarterly expenditures. That is to say, the makeup becomes you! In other words, it is no longer something external and on the surface, that can be wiped off or fall off. You also have to stop worrying about placing orders and waiting for deliveries! Most Importantly, making you Self dependent!

Cosmetic Tattoos in Bangalore – the types

The types of Cosmetic Tattooing we are currently providing include Scalp Micro Pigmentation [SMP], Vitiligo Tattoos, Lip Tattooing, Eyebrow Tattooing – Micro Pigmentation (not Micro- Blading),

Vitiligo tattoos in Bangalore

Vitiligo Tattoos in Bangalore

Are you looking to cover-up Vitiligo? Read more about our process to help restore your skin color by our exclusive Vitiligo Tattoo Process.

The unusual loss of skin pigment – Vitiligo has become an endemic in modern human society. the problem hasn’t been clearly identified. But its a modern problem that seems to have triggered because of modern lifestyle changes caused from processed foods, to inclusions of plastics etc. there is still no concrete evidence as to the true cause of this mass issue. vitiligo in India in the 90’s was more like a 1 in a million case now its almost 1 in 1000’s.

At Eternal Expression above all, we want the best for our clients! Therefore, we recommend you try all alternative treatments with a doctor who has successful record!

A doctor who has helped in curing or atleast curbing the condition. before you consider tattooing, since tattooing is only the introduction of artificial pigment to camouflage the whitened regions.

Certainly, it cannot be compared to restoring your actual pigment. So its best to use it as a plan B!

Best Practice is to finish your treatment until the effects of vitiligo growth is reversed or at-least curbed!

The process helps camouflage the left over spots of patchy skin tone!

Hair follicle tattoo / Scalp Micro-pigmentation[SMP] in Bangalore

Hair Tattoos / Scalp Micro-Pigmentation in Bangalore

Are you looking to restore your hairline? Read more about our Scalp Micro-pigmentation process to help restore your skin color by our exclusive Hair Tattoo Process.

Loss of hair and a receding hairline doesn’t any longer correspond to a loss in confidence!

SMP or Scalp Micro pigmentation is the least painful permanent solution for a receding hairline!

The process includes pigment that is introduced in shapes and flow pattern of the actual healthy hair follicles. Our SMP is superior to any other SMP process performed by a technician as it requires high skill and artistic talent to accurately recreate hair pattern that cannot be distinguished from real hair follicles even in a high resolution close up zoom!

Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing / Micro Blading in Bangalore

Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing / Micro-Blading in Bangalore

Are you looking to restore your Eyebrow hair? Read more about our Eyebrow Tattooing process to help restore your eyebrow by our exclusive Cosmetic Tattoo Process.

Cosmetic Tattoos Consultation and Enquiry!

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