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Natural looking Permanent Hair follicle Tattooing, Scalp Micro Pigmentation, [SMP]



Ashley Westwood
Former Manchester United Football Player & Bengaluru FC Coach


Veer Hegde is a tattoo artist who works on a different frequency. The way he sees and works on the lines is just amazing. Veer is an authentic artist working from his soul...an artist with his ear close to his heart. He listens and helps to find the own special and unique tattoo... designed just for me. In a deeper sense I came to know more about myself during his work on the tattoo (both while designing it an getting the work done)...and carrying it...is making me a stronger person...every day. I am so proud of it! Veer is a true artist as well as a healer. He is a very skillful artist...with eyes for the smallest details in his work... which can change the whole appearance of the tattoo. His art is made out of passion and love. Thank you so much Veer for letting the most beautiful Hummingbird flying into my life...for decorating my own Temple...and to help me collect stories to tell...Because there are more tattoo art to be done soon.

Åsa Andersson
Artist - Sweden


Veer has Magic in his hands...He is gifted with phenomenal Talent and is truly creative in customizing the tattoos for you to make them look good on you. His eye for detail and passion for perfection speaks all about his commitment and love towards his art. He might sound like a tough person initially, but when you start getting to know him better, you would see a truly amazing person. You need to connect with him and partner in the process of getting his art work done on you. Make sure you take an appointment before you visit the place, consult with him first about what you want to get done. Before this , be sure about the tattoo you want to get done on your body, do the required ground work about any specifics that you are looking for before you meet him. Be sure about why you want to get that tattoo done, what does it symbolize and mean to you, rest he would take care! Give him his space as a creative thinker and have patience through the process.


Good things come with patience. It is a decent studio and Veer ensures to take all the required precautionsto ensure the hygiene and safety precautions. His commitment doesn't end there, he ensures to give the post tatto care instructions and magic herbs to heal and make your tattoo look perfect 🙂 If you really want to get a professional tattoo done that you want to be proud of , adore and cherish, go for his art work ! after all we have to live with it for the rest of the life and hence no compromise and cheap discounts. I would strongly recommend Veer, I’m saying this after doing a thorough ground work before finalizing my artist and having experienced a beautiful art piece done for

Madhavi Gokayarapu
Senior Head of HR at Operative


I waited years to get my first tattoo. I knew what I wanted & my reasons were sound. The next step was to find the right tattoo artist - a person who could bring my concept to life by creating a flawless piece of art that not only makes heads turn but also becomes a source of power and energy - every time I look at, for the rest of my life. Yes, we spent hours refining the design & the tattooing itself was a multi-marathon effort; But every little thing was worth it! Veer is a genius! His attention to detail is fantastic! He is open to ideas and sees his art as an expression! that has a positive impact on the person: for a long time to come! This: truly is reflected in the advice he gives on the position of the tattoo and the design itself! I had three different elements that I wanted to get tattooed & the way he fused them is out of this world! Now it does not stop there: the after-care instructions explained are spot on! I did not have any problems whatsoever. I recommend him to anyone who is looking to get a tattoo done. All the best, Veer! Keep rocking, Bro.

Ashwanth Premchandran
Product Marketing Manager at Hewlett-Packard


My first tattoo!! Loved it...! I was a little apprehensive initially, owing to my fear of needles, but trust me, It was all worth it! The entire experience was incredible, from choosing the design to custom designing it, best of all getting the tattoo while listening to my favourite band! Yes! that also was taken care of by them! Veer is just too good at his work, surely coming back for more. Tattooing can not get any better than this!  :D 

Amrita Nandi
Senior Engineer at Larsen & Toubro
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Scalp Micropigmentation at Eternal Expression

How & Why did it start?

Scalp Micropigmentation in Bangalore by Tattooist Veer Hegde India's Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore - Veer Hegde of Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio, creating world-class super-realistic Hair follicle Tattooing since 2010! 1st Scalp Micropigmentation in India was performed by Veer Hegde very early on in his tattooing career in the 2010s time when even the term SMP did not exist. He took it up to bring his client out of depression due to hair loss and gave him the most realistic looking hair stub. Mimic each follicle precisely to make it look as natural as possible! Replicating the exact shape, thickness and length of existing hair follicles to a point wherein the finished product is almost impossible to distinguish between hair follicles and the pigmentated ones.

Affordable yet Effective!

Affordable Scalp micro pigmentation cost in Bangalore at the Highest quality performed personally by among the most experienced practitioners in the Scalp Micropigmentation in India circle, Veer Hegde. God-gifted with creating fine details. He has helped many a client regain their confidence before a wedding. He is someone you can trust with your skin!

Scalp Micropigmentation is where ART meets SURGERY!

Scalp MicroPigmentation or the Hair Tattoo is not something that just any technician or even someone from a pure surgical background can replicate. Scalp MicroPigmentation requires a master! One who's blessed with natural Art skills and practised surgical disciplines. If you could get only one haircut for life which would be with it forever, Who would you trust to cut your hair? The work of a master Chef, Barber, Musician, and Artist is reflected only in the details and the finesse! One should have an eye to observe the details. Or if it's food: the nose and tongue. The genre where there is absolutely no room for error! Since a face is "the most unique" part of a person: the hairline and the look of the scalp reflect the personality and vibe: which is what Scalp Micropigmentation is all about! That's a skill only a few have mastered! Veer Hegde is one of the gifted artists who produce mesmerizing, realistic-looking results: that even from up close, it would be a challenge to differentiate between the hair follicles and the pigmented regions! Tattoo artist Veer Hegde has been practising Scalp Micropigmentation since 2010, which acknowledges him to be one of the earliest and most highly experienced Practitioners of Scalp Micropigmentation in India!

Reasons to get an SMP!?

Before the SMP process, we recommend trimming the hair on your head to a size zero or one. After the scalp micropigmentation treatment, you can trim your hair after around a week. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you may need to trim your hair almost every day, unless you shave with a razor! The exact reason why a person would want to opt for an SMP procedure could be many. For instance, It is the only 100% effective process that will cover baldness immediately, unlike any other baldness treatment on the market. Veer had absolutely no interest in pursuing Scalp Micropigmentation as an expertise his earliest SMP was for a client who was very depressed about his baldness and was getting married just a few weeks later. To this day, he continues practising it because the result of restoring someone's happiness and confidence is the most satisfying experience. Veer Hegde's purpose, above all, is to help someone get rid of low self-esteem depression and restore self-confidence!

Beauty is in the Detail!

Since the highest order of skill, experience and focus need to be called upon to recreate something natural! Similar to rendering an image in high resolution 1 pixel at a time. Therefore, Only the most experienced and skilled Practitioners can give you a 100% hyperrealistic satisfying SMP!

Further, read about:

Intricacies involved in Scalp Micropigmentation and the skill involved in the SMP work with some mind-blowing Hair Tattoos in the following article Everything You Need to Know About Scalp Micropigmentation

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THE MOST Experienced (LOVED) Scalp Micro-pigmentation CREW IN BANGALORE


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Unravel Tattoo Art for the Mind, Body and Soul by the Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore & among the leading tattooists in India. At the first medical-grade tattoo studio in Bengaluru! Create custom made Tattoo Masterpieces made by The One! With an experience of over a decade in the Body Arts of the highest order, Veer Hegde – The Revolutionary Tattoo Artist from Bangalore! Creates 100% Uniquely made tattoos and a love for meticulous details that will Truly keep one gratified!  Engineered for each person are Magical Tattoos that Exalt, Inspire, Influence & Heal; radiant with the purest Positive Energy! Our Tattooing process involves the use of High-Tech Tattoo Equipment from the United Kingdom. Hand-made Coil machines by the Best Tattoo Machine makers on the planet! Internationally approved and tested safest World's Best Tattoo Inks. American made pre-sterilized highest quality Tattoo Needles! (Portrait Tattoo, Black & Grey Tattoo, 3D Tattoo, Colour Tattoo, Religious Tattoo, Cover up tattoo, Lettering Tattoo, Ambigram TattooMandala Tattoo, Minimalistic Tattoo, Dotwork Tattoo, Sacred Geometry Tattoo)

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Painless & Hygienic Piercing, by the highest qualified Piercing crew in the World with a combined Surgical & Piercing Experience of over 35 years. Our process is an exclusive amalgamation of Modern Surgical tools & ointments with Traditional Piercing techniques. (Ear Piercing, Nose Piercing, Septum Piercing, Surface Dermal Piercing, Eyebrow Piercing & Belly Piercing)

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Permanent Makeup, Eyebrow Reconstruction, Tattooing for Alopecia, Hair follicle Tattooing, Scalp Micro Pigmentation, [SMP], Vitiligo Cover-up Tattooing and more.

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Get trained to become a qualified professional Tattoo Artist with our world-class Tattoo Artist Training Program! Get Industry knowledge from the best in the field.

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Scalp Micropigmentation



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How long does scalp micropigmentation last?
Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure, and its longevity can vary from person to person. Here's a general guideline for how long SMP typically lasts:
1. Initial Results: After the initial SMP treatment, you can expect the results to last for several years. Many people experience satisfactory results for 2 to 5 years without the need for touch-ups.
2. Fading: Over time, the pigments used in SMP can gradually fade due to factors like exposure to UV sunlight, the use of certain skincare products, and the body's natural shedding of skin cells. However, the fading is gradual and often not very noticeable.
3. Maintenance: To maintain the desired appearance of a closely shaved head of hair, most individuals will require touch-up sessions. The frequency of touch-ups varies but may be needed every 1 to 3 years, depending on your skin type, lifestyle, and exposure to the elements.
4. Skin Type: SMP longevity can also be influenced by your skin type. People with oilier skin may experience faster fading and may need more frequent touch-ups compared to those with drier skin.
5. Pigment Choice: The choice of pigments can impact how long the results last. High-quality, organic pigments tend to last longer than lower-quality alternatives.
6. Aftercare: Proper aftercare is essential to extend the life of SMP results. This includes protecting your scalp from excessive sun exposure and avoiding harsh skincare products that can fade pigments.
7. Technician Skil: The skill and experience of the SMP technician also play a role in how long the results last. An experienced technician who follows best practices is more likely to achieve long-lasting results.
It's important to consult with your SMP technician or clinic to discuss your specific needs and expectations. They can provide personalized guidance on the frequency of touch-up sessions required to maintain your desired look. Overall, SMP offers a long-lasting solution to the appearance of a fuller head of hair, but it is not permanent, and maintenance is a part of the process to keep the results looking their best.
What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?
Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves the application of specialized pigments to the scalp to create the appearance of a closely shaved head of hair. It's an effective solution for those dealing with hair loss, thinning hair, or receding hairlines.
Is SMP suitable for both men and women?
Yes, SMP is suitable for both men and women who want to achieve the look of a fuller head of hair. It can address various hair loss issues, regardless of gender.
How long does the SMP procedure take?
The duration of the SMP procedure can vary depending on the extent of the treatment required. On average, a session can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the desired results.
Is SMP a permanent solution for hair loss?
While SMP is considered a long-lasting solution, it's not permanent. Over time, the pigments may fade, and maintenance sessions may be required to keep the desired look. The longevity of SMP can vary from person to person.
Does SMP hurt?
Most clients report minimal discomfort during the SMP procedure. A topical anesthetic is applied to numb the scalp before the treatment, making it a relatively painless process.
What's the recovery time after SMP?
There is typically no downtime after SMP. Some clients may experience minor redness or mild discomfort for a day or two, but this subsides quickly. You can usually resume your regular activities immediately.
Is SMP Safe? Are there any side effects or risks associated with SMP?
SMP is a safe procedure when performed by a trained and experienced technician. Potential side effects are rare and generally mild, such as temporary redness or swelling. Allergic reactions are extremely uncommon due to the use of hypoallergenic pigments.
How do I choose the right SMP technician in Bangalore?
It's crucial to research and choose a reputable SMP clinic or technician. Look for experienced professionals with a portfolio of successful treatments, read reviews, and ask for before-and-after photos. Consultations are also essential to discuss your specific needs and expectations.
What is the cost of SMP in Bangalore?
SMP costs can vary based on the extent of the treatment and the clinic's location and reputation. It's best to schedule a consultation to get a personalized quote based on your needs.
How can I schedule an SMP consultation in Bangalore?
You can easily schedule a consultation with Eternal Expression by sending us a WhatsApp to 9742863993.

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SMP Price Chart

Scalp Micropigmentation

By Lead Practitioner ₹5000 Onwards ENQUIRE
Restoring hair density to initial state

Hairline Reconstruction

By Lead Practitioner ₹10000 Onwards ENQUIRE
Rebuilding the Hairline by SMP