The Ultimate Guide to Arrive at the Best Tattoo Design for yourself!

Ultimate Guide to Arrive at the Best Tattoo Design for yourself- By Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Tattoo Design by the Best Tattoo Artist In Bangalore and India: Veer Hegde of Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio! A guide that could be a blueprint for everyone: those who can express their thoughts artistically and even for one’s for whom art is a foreign language! How to design your dream tattoo? How to arrive at the best tattoo design for you!

The Best Tattoo Design for Yourself! What is the right tattoo for you?

So, you have decided you want to get a tattoo!

What next? Have you already zeroed in on what design you want?

Should it be a butterfly on the ankle? Perhaps, A flaming skull?

Or something you came up with yourself or something you saw?


It is good that you know what you want. So, you enter the studio. Show your artist the design or picture of what you want to get inked. And well, then you get it done!

And you walk out of the studio with a glee smile on your face after thanking your artist!

Tattoo Design by a Tattoo Artist

Now let us look at this for a moment from a different perspective. First, a little about who a tattoo artist is and what he does!

Make a note of the word: Artist!

Tattoo artists, in general, are very creative people!

Always passionate about their work. Conjure up great pieces of art from the concoction of emotions, memories and dreams and what not!

And translating this into something remarkable and tangible into the real world is what they do!

What do Tattoos express?

As one tattoo artist said – a tattoo is not just design and ink.

For the person wearing it, it represents a lot of things!

From their outlook and perception on life; 

To their past experiences, hopes and dreams. 

Spirituality, relationships, and a myriad of other things!

All of these are extracted in essence and forged into a tattoo!

When you go to your artist with a tattoo design that you have chosen from the internet, You are not giving them much freedom to utilize this: Artistic ability; of theirs!

Tattoo artists are not machines that transfer a given template onto your skin.

They are artists, that is to say, those who create art.

Remember, They are in the field of tattoo art, not only because of their passion but also because of their artistic bent of mind!

Getting a Tattoo Masterpiece

Give them a concept, and they apply their creativity and skill and come out with something you might never have imagined but at the same time represent all that you had in mind!

Give the artist the liberty to design for you! While defining the elements, characters of what you want in your tattoo! You will be amazed at what an artist can churn up!

Lord shiva the Essence a Tattoo Designed by Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde at Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio, Bangalore, India

Take, for example, tattoo artist Veer Hegde, founder of Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio.

His iconic and fresh outlook on the Hindu God Shiva is a never before done way of portraying him in the form of a tattoo!

His tattoo became such a hit on the internet that it is among the most copied abstract Shiva tattoos ever!

Studios across India and some parts of the world have imitated his creations! Some, Copying it straight from the picture. While others, making custom versions of it with slight modifications to the different elements!

To put it short, you will be missing out on a masterpiece! A great tattoo that could not manifest because you did not give your artist the freedom to design – all, of course, based on your inputs and requirements.

After all, it is going to represent a part of who you are and not anything else!

So let us break the process scientifically into

Important steps to getting your dream tattoo.

The time needed: 29 days. 

Key steps to getting a tattoo you will love for life.

1. Question yourself on why Do you want a Tattoo so bad?

Do you want to get tattooed because of peer pressure?

Because you think it is cool, attractive, sexy, beautiful?

Because your favourite movie star, athlete or actor has one?

Just for fun?

Because you feel like trying something new?

Once you are very clear on why you want it, you will be one step closer to getting your perfect tattoo! 

You could keep returning to this step and question yourself until you know for sure. 


2. Decide on the Theme of your Tattoo

Do you want a religious tattoo, spiritual tattoo, sanskrit tattoo, lucky charm tattoos, couple tattoo, masculine tattoos, tattoo dedicated to nature, travel, music, love, cute simple and sexy tattoo for girls etc

Understand your theme clearly. Decide on all the elements that you want in your tattoo.

Each element is going to add personality to your tattoo! Just like characters in a movie! How these elements interact with each other in design is part of bringing the composition to life!

3. Find the perfect tattoo artist

Find a Tattoo Artist whose artistic style and creations you find attractive! Everyone has an actor, singer, author, chef, tv show host that they admire more than others. For instance, you might have a favourite Rock star. Someone who you would travel the globe to listen to LIVE!

Likewise, you should get tattooed by someone whose artistic vibe you instantly connect with! and whose tattoo work you found mesmerizing! 

Price varies among artists but in the long span of life! It is wise to choose art over a slight difference in cost!

At Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio. Veer Hegde, the founder, also voted Best Tattoo Artist In Bangalore, sought by many for his unique take on custom tattoos.

Tattoos that are engineered and designed to bring out the best in each person! 

4. Get a preliminary quote

This step is at 4. Considering you value art or beauty over money. Else this would be at 1. Price of a Tattoo varies on many factors. For instance, the experience of the artist, intricacy of the tattoo, size of the tattoo, the city or country you are in, the real estate, the currency. Moreover, how famous the artist is and how packed his schedule is!

Try to get a ballpark figure to understand if you can get what you will love for the rest of your life in your current budget. However; If you are short on funds. Save Up! It probably will be one of the only investments you will take to the grave! Not the lands, houses, cars and other things you might own. Tattoos are living works of art!  

5. Get a concept Draft of the Design you want to get tattooed

Firstly, based on the theme and elements you want, Try drawing on paper a rough concept of the design and how and where you want it on your body. The objective is to create a blueprint for the actual tattoo! If you are hopeless at art. You could collect reference images from the internet, describing exactly how you want it!

6. Finalize details of the tattoo design

Firstly, work with the Tattoo Artist on finalizing the tattoo design to the finest detail. 

Make sure to express clearly! All the elements of design and how they interact with each other. What parts do you give the artist freedom to create?

As a result, the final design should make your jaw drop. In other words, give you a high! Because this is going to be your life partner.

7. Get the final quote for your tattoo design

Subsequently, Receive the Final quote by the artist based on the detailing and size!

8. Actual Tattooing Process

The Tattooing final starts! Just relax and focus on the good music or conversation with the artist during the process. For instance, Some artists like to listen to their music, some like talk, some like to keep quiet. Think of it as a journey. 

Above all, enjoy the tattooing!

9. Aftercare

Follow all Tattoo Aftercare instructions and recommendations of the Tattooist!

The tattoo is critically vulnerable in the first few days after the process of tattooing!

If you seek a quality tattoo for life, you certainly need to take care of it religiously!

In conclusion, This guide should help you plan for your dream tattoo! Further read: these Interesting resources on for more tattoo ideas!

Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio Mechanical Engineer with The Indian Defense Industries to becoming: The Founder CEO of Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio in 2010 and GQ India - Best Tattoo Artist In Bangalore, in 2015!

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