Engagement Ring tattoos

A very special Engagement

What makes Eternal Expression one of India’s Best Tattoo Studio in Bangalore is one such special story! Recently we had a very special couple at our place who wanted to get ring tattoos to mark their engagement. They wanted an Engagement Ring Tattoo!

There were no physical rings but rings engraved with ink onto their ring fingers marking their engagement. Minimal yet more precious, permanent and valuable than any other ring; designed and then tattooed to mark their commitment to each other for life.

“By the power vested in me as their chosen Tattoo Artist I called them Man and wife!” 
It was an honor to be an important part of such an important event in the engagement of 2 beautiful soulmates!

Engagement Ring Tattoos for Nimish & Monika

It was a true honour to make their Engagement Ring Tattoo

Their Tattoo featured in the India Today Magazine news story on innovative couple tattoo ideas by Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde.

Further read, The India Today news story on offbeat Indian weddings and couple tattoos.

INDIA TODAY - Couple Tattoos by Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde

We Wish Monika and Nimish all the luck happiness, prosperity & eternal love! God bless!

PS: The Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde is known for his innovative couple tattoo ideas that capture love for life. The concepts he designs itself are timeless and so unique to each couple, that everyone friends, family feel the true love captured through the tattoo.

In the art or poetic world or the world of tattoos or in the metaphysical world it is believed every relationship is unique. It never existed before, No one has the exact relationship with anyone else, It will never exist again in the entire span of the universe.

Through the Couple Tattoo Veer helps in poetically capturing the true uniqueness of your relationship as a couple. Something which many couples and their entire families already cherish. Enriching their love life.

Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio Mechanical Engineer with The Indian Defense Industries to becoming: The Founder CEO of Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio in 2010 and GQ India - Best Tattoo Artist In Bangalore, in 2015!

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