Sak-Yant Tattoos: Thai Tattoo Designs for Your Protection and Well-Being

The Mystical Sak-yant Tattoos

The Different Types of SakYant

Have you heard of the famous Sak-Yant Tattoos?

Sak-Yant Tattoos are Thai tattoos specially designed that bear deep inner meaning. They are for protection, good luck and success! Above all, a source of positive energy and other well-meaning motives for the people wearing them!

Sak-Yant tattoos are tattoos of Yantras which are magical symbols of White Magic! Traditionally this tattoo is done using bamboo sticks by spiritual tattoo artists who are practising Buddhist monks! Without the use of modern tattoo guns. In a process that could be Painful! There are many different types of Yantra, each having a particular set of magical properties. At Eternal Expression – One of India’s Best Tattoo Studio in Bangalore, we give you a glimpse of the more popular Sak-Yant designs and what they mean.

Popular Sakyant Tattoo Designs

Hah Taew: The five sacred lines

Hah Taew SakYant Tattoo

Hah Taew is certainly: the most popular Sak-Yant design! It mainly consists of 5 sacred lines whose meanings consequently vary depending on the motifs used by a specific tattoo artist. For instance, You will be aware that Angelina Jolie sports this tattoo on her left shoulder. The first line of the tattoo clears unwanted spirits and gives protection to the place you live in! The second row of the tattoo protects you from bad fortune. The third column protects you from black magic. The fourth column energizes your good luck, success and fortune: in your future ambitions and lifestyle! The fifth column is to gain charisma and attraction to the opposite sex!

Hanuman (The Monkey God)

Hanuman Sakyant Tattoo

The Thai population and the Hindu population around the world believe: Lord Hanuman is that force of the universe that has the power to rid the world of bad luck, unwanted spirits and demons! Above all, He is the God of Strength and Discipline. His main traits are Humility and Bravery. He is a symbol of Hope for humanity! That is to say, the bearer of this tattoo will gain the benefits of Bravery and Courage!

Gao Yord (9 spires)

Gao yord yantra Tattoo

The ideal location for this symbol is the nape. The nine spires are a geometric design representing the nine sacred peaks of Mt. Meru. It also contains the symbolism of Buddha and three ovals, one above another. The one who gets this tattooed is blessed with good luck in addition, protection from evil spirits!

Tiger Yant

Tiger yantra Tattoo

The Tiger is synonymous with Fearlessness and Strength. The Tiger yantra tattoo endows the bearer with Strength, Power and Fearlessness and will also help drive away evil spirits! This tattoo design is popular among entrepreneurs. Many believe it helps them in business dealings and brings good fortune to them. Twin tigers Yant is also a Popular symbol: they represent the highest level of power and are suitable for people of Authority!

Ganesh (The Hindu Elephant God)

Ganesha tattoo with mantra

This design especially is made for people who are preparing to begin a new chapter in life! Ganesh: the elephant God, is known for his ability to Remove Obstacles. Know, also as the Lord of New Beginnings!

There are a lot many Sak-Yant tattoo designs with different meanings. That is to say: your educated tattoo artist is well aware of all you would need to know about them and will guide you on which design is best for you depending upon your purpose, current mindset and what you want in life.

Further, Read the wiki article on Yantra-Tattoo.

Sak-yant Tattoos in Bangalore

In conclusion, tattoos can have magical properties that can endow the bearer with many transformational positive attributes. In addition, it is paramount to know and understand what each symbol means and the powers they hold; before one commits to the Yantra and give it the whole and soul belief to transform oneself! Mentally, Spiritually and subsequently Physically!

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