The Tattoo Story: The Past, Present and Future of Tattooing

The Past, Present & Future of Tattooing Post Pandemic

Tattoo demand has surged in the last few decades into an incredibly specialized art form! Now become the most popular branch of the arts. The Past, Present and Future of Tattooing is always deeply rooted in mainstream culture.
The history of it, been found since time immemorial!
As a cultural practice, it dates back to the Neolithic age. Evidence includes tattooed skin, among other artistic tools; Discovered in a mummified form.

Otzi: the iceman, showing the deep roots and reverence of tattoos in the culture and lives of the ancients!

However, the debate on the world’s oldest person with a tattoo has come to an end for now. Otzi: the iceman has the oldest etching in recorded history, which dates to 3300 BC. Found in mummified form, the man who died from an arrow wound has had 61 tattoos all over his body.
One of his tattoos includes 19 groups of black lines; Each ranging from 1 to 3 mm in thickness and 7 to 40 mm in length. These include groups of parallel lines running along the longitudinal axis of his body and to both sides of the lumbar spine, a cruciform mark behind the right knee and on the right ankle, and parallel lines around the left wrist.
His legs have the greatest concentration of markings. Which together exhibit 12 groups of lines. A microscopic examination of samples collected from these tattoos; revealed that the pigment used constituted fireplace ash or soot.

Otzi the Iceman and his 61 Tattoos

An unidentified South American Chinchorro mummy had the oldest tattoos found.
Until Mr Otzi: joined the party and became the oldest “Tattooed” person in recorded history!
According to Scientists, Otzi’s tattoos: are the oldest in recorded history, but there might be others with tattoos! As the practice certainly might have been popular and widespread at that time!

Tattoos and their place in Ancient Civilizations

Tattoos, however, has played: a pivotal role in the history of how society functioned and the traditions that people lived in!

Egyptian women had tattoos indicating status, sometimes even used as a process to heal from certain diseases!

On the other hand, in the 17thcentury, Japan used tattoos to mark criminals on the forehead. However, the japs are most known for their Irezumi or traditional stick and poke tattooing style: called Tebori. Infamously used and popularized by members of The Japanese Underworld: the Yakuza!

India has its share of tattoo history, ranging from temporary tattoos like mehndi on wedding occasions to religious and spiritual permanent ones. The Headhunter Tattoos of the Naga tribes; Another a lost piece of history revived and studied.

Further, Read the Best Tattoo Resource on Ancient Tattoos of different cultures on the: Tattoo-Anthropologist

Early Beginnings of the Modern Tattooing Culture

The Europeans upheld the Tattoo Tradition for many years! There was widespread Tattooing in Europe. For a long time tattoos, were popular only among the sailors and the low-class people. It spread to high-status society during the 19th century. Wherein even English royalties like Edward VII and George V had etched on their body.

King George V was the 1st British Royal to have got tattooed in Japan at age 16

In the west, however, the tattoo tradition had vanished and seemed to resurface post-world wars.
Etchings were a big taboo, practised only by condemned delinquents and rebels or prisoners.
As a result of the hepatitis breakout in the 1960s; Consequently, People believed they would acquire an infection from contact with a needle. Therefore, impacting the progress of the global tattoo industry!

The Future of the Tattoo Industry

The perception has taken a total turnaround now as more and more people seem to want to: be tattooed! There is a massive population who has tattoos or wants to get one; it is forecast that this number will rise exponentially in the years to come!
Furthermore, this new resurgence has brought in talent and art lovers together; Many more creative thinkers and idea makers into a stable and exciting career as a tattoo artist.

Post Pandemic – COVID 19

Tattoo & Piercing Hygiene during COVID19

Modern tattoo making adheres to Hygienic practices to deal with all kinds of viruses and Microbes. Including Hepatitis, HIV, 

Practising hygienic standards for tattooing by tattoo artists across the world now post COVID19 there is an inclusion of face masks and PPE ( Personal Protection Equipment ) kits. 

Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio Bangalore crew, make sure the Body arts: is practised in Operation theatre grade hygiene. In Tattooing & Piercing processes, the Blood and Plasma involved can make a studio a super spreader. Hence Hygienic practices are paramount and curated by a medical expert at Eternal Expression who is a former surgeon from JJ Hospital Mumbai, with over 35 years of surgical experience!

The Past, Present and Future of Tattooing is in great hands

Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore: Veer Hegde

The Best Tattoo Artist In Bangalore, Veer Hegde, has inspired a whole generation of budding artists in India; To take up tattooing. With Hygiene as the prime focus, the industry will progress through this pandemic! Tattoo Artists are survivors and followed by phenomenal Artistic skills they will sustain through these difficult times!

To a better world!

Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio Mechanical Engineer with The Indian Defense Industries to becoming: The Founder CEO of Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio in 2010 and GQ India - Best Tattoo Artist In Bangalore, in 2015!

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