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Piercing in Bangalore by Veer Hegde

Ear Piercing in Bangalore

Ear Lobe, Ear Cartilage - Helix, Tragus, Conch, Flat, Daith, Industrial Piercing - done Manually, hygienically and painlessly with Surgical steel/ Titanium lightweight jewelry. At Eternal Expression get a world-class Ear piercing done professionally by Experienced Master Piercer Veer Hegde

Ear Piercing

Nose Piercing in Bengaluru

Painless and Hygienically done Nose Piercing in Bangalore at Eternal Expression: Manual-Needle piercing performed with a High-quality surgical needle; Followed by a High-Grade Surgical Steel /Titanium Stud(Recommended) or Nose ring. For a Painless, Professional Piercing Experience with the Master Piercer and Highly qualified Medical crew!

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Nose Piercing

Septum Piercing in Bangalore

A Painless and Hygienically performed Septum Piercing done Manually. Subsequently, followed by the use of a Surgical steel /Titanium Stud or Nose ring. For a painless and Professional piercing performed by the Master Piercer and highly qualified crew; Book your appointment now!

Septum Piercing

Eyebrow Piercing in Bangalore

A Hygienic and painless Eyebrow Piercing done Manually with a high-quality surgical needle. Subsequently, followed by the use of a Surgical steel lightweight Stud or Ring. At Eternal Expression certainly, get a world-class piercing done professionally by highly Experienced Master Piercer Veer Hegde.

Eyebrow Piercing

Belly Piercing a.k.a Navel Piercing or Belly Button Piercing. Get a Painless, Hygienic and above all, safe Belly Button Piercing in Bengaluru City, Professionally done at Eternal Expression!

Belly Piercing

Lip Piercing in Bangalore

Lip Piercing a.k.a the Labaret Piercing or the Monroe Piercing. Get a Painless, Hygienic and above all, safe Lip Piercing is practised in Namma Bengaluru, Professionally at Eternal Expression!

Lip Piercing

Surface Dermal Piercing in Bangalore

A Hygienic and painless Surface Dermal Piercing done Manually with a High-quality surgical needle. Subsequently, followed by the use of a Surgical steel/titanium lightweight Surface Dermal Jewellery. At Eternal Expression certainly, get a world-class piercing done professionally by Experienced Master Piercer Veer Hegde

Surface Dermal

Studio Amenities


Nestled at the end of a leafy serene boulevard, at the crossroads of Richmond Rd and Brigade Rd, is Le Studio de Tattoo Eternal Expression - Home to India's Best Tattooist in Bengaluru.

Located at the heart of bustling Bangalore City, our Studio is not too far for anyone to reach, whichever direction you might be coming from. This central location places us right on the pulse of everything that’s happening in the city – the best shopping, the trendiest pubs, fine dining, and the hottest clubs are all within a 3-mile radius of Us.

Once you enter our abode you’ll be greeted by a rush of Individuality and Positivity, which is what we’re all about. Every bit of our space has a personality; every object within it has its own history. All the elements come together in harmony, creating an atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming, while still buzzing with life & energy.

When you visit us, bring time to spare; and take a moment to soak it all in. The walls, the ceiling, each work of art is unique, one of a kind. Nothing mass-produced, nothing replicated. Every piece is a testament to the artists’ vision, and every one of our artists has contributed to the creation and evolution of our Studio. 

Tattoos are our Core. They are our Discipline and our Religion. Our work represents the Energy of Life, all the forces that drive us towards a better, happier existence. We stay true to our beliefs while happily embracing new cultures – that’s how we grow and evolve.

Tattoo Artists from around the world visit our Studio as guests and leave behind a signature piece or two as a memoir of the time they spend with us. Our friends observe that the environment is never exactly the same as it was before. It could be a subtle change, like a new addition somewhere. Or it could be a bold move in a whole new direction with vivid splashes of colour.

You may see us in many new avatars over time, each more beautiful and vibrant than the last. These are the milestones on our journey, where every experience is an adventure.

Transcend the Usual.

Here at Eternal Expression, we do it every day!

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The Team

The Most Qualified Tattoo & Piercing crew in Bangalore


The Founder CEO, Tattoo Artist & Piercing Master


Medical Supervisor, Process Coordinator & Studio Manager

The Venue

Where are we located?

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What our Human Canvases say?


I am so happy I went to Veer for my nose piercing! Not a single drop of blood and, it has never been swollen, anything! No problems at all! He was also very patient with me as I was a bit worried - it was my first piercing :)) And explained everything in detail. Very friendly, welcoming and skilled :))

Dominika Kone
Mixed Media Artist & Yogini


Thank you so much Veer, the patience and precision you showed in my septum piercing made the entire process a breeze. I'll definitely, recommend this parlour for any first-timers or otherwise. Thank you, guys!! :D

Salwa Ali Khan
Data Scientist at NetApp


I have done my Belly Button piercing from here before one month. They are highly professional: Good Hospitality, Very Hygienic, they use Fresh and new needles. I didn't feel little pain also. After done: they instructed me about AFTERCARE, which: is the "most important" part of Belly Button piercing! They gave medicine also. I perfectly followed their instruction & thankfully. I don't have any pain. And almost dried. It is a little costly but worth it! I am much happy! Thank you!

Lagnajita Dutta
Assistant Manager- Consultant at Deloitte Digital & UI Designer - iPass Inc.
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What makes us the best choice for your next tattoo or piercing

Exceptional Tattoo & Piercing skills with experience of over 11 years
100% original tattoo designs, never repeated
1st Medical Grade Tattoo Studio of India
Full time Para-Medical Staff onboard
State of the Art Tattoo Equipment
Family Friendly Creative Studio
World-class Infrastructure with parking
Located in the Heart of Bangalore City
Highly acclaimed Tattoo & Piercing setup in the country


Piercing Price Chart


By Lead Piercer ₹1000 Onwards ENQUIRE
Check Respective Page for pricing


Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the cost of a Piercing in Bangalore?
Piercing Price depends on
Body part(Ear, Nose, Belly, etc.)
Type(lobe, cartilage etc)
Gauge size(width) of the piercing
Each piercing type done at Eternal Expression has a separate page. Kindly look up the pricing of the piercing you want on the respective page!
How much would it cost to get a permanent Tattoo in Bangalore?
The Cost of a permanent tattoo just like any other work of art depends on

  • Experience of the Artist

  • Skill of the Artist

  • Scale of Work involved

  • Intricacy of the work

So based on your theme and the exact size it’s best to discuss with the artist the price of the tattoo to get a ball park figure.
Who are the Best Tattoo Artists in Bangalore?
There are many posts and articles on the Internet regarding best artists or best tattoo artists in a city or a country etc.
But art or an artist cannot be really calibrated in terms of who is better than another especially when it comes to a broad platform like the arts. It’s a matter of choice, It’s about who’s style you connect with or who has a broader appeal.
One can be called the best only when people as a whole connect with the work instantly and are touched or influenced by the works of art.
Veer Hegde of Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio is renown as the Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore and India for his style that connects with the viewer instantly. All his works have been original works of art, that other artists have tried to replicate. Which immediately confirms the global appeal and admiration for his work.
How much does a tiny tattoo cost in India?
Small tattoos can cost from the ₹100’s to ₹1000’s it really depends on the place, the artist, the skills, the intricacy of the piece etc. Small tattoos usually would incur the base charge since it requires a fresh hygienic setup of tools, tattoo inks, tattoo needles etc.
At Eternal Expression we have a base price for a tattoo. you could get 2 tiny tattoos without an increase in the price. For more information Contact Us
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  • Septum Piercing in Bangalore
  • Surface Dermal Piercing in Bangalore
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