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The Nipple piercing is a piercing of the Nasal septum, the thin fleshy part between the nostrils. The needle goes through this thin bit of flesh towards the inner front of the nose, and then the jewellery is put in place – a horseshoe barbell is initially recommended which can be later changed to a ring or curved barbell.

Piercing is a precision art-form; practised at Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio. Lead by Master Piercer Veer Hegde - known for his swift and painless piercing across Bangalore City, India and Globally. He is one of the Best Body Piercers in India. The Eternal Expression crew has been body piercing at world-class hygiene since 2010. They have done over 1000 piercings in Bangalore city!

Nipple Piercing just like any other Piercing at Eternal Expression is performed manually. Subsequently, high-quality surgical steel or Titanium horseshoe barbell is the 1st jewellery!

By now you should have guessed The Most highly recommended place for Nipple Piercing in Bangalore!

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Looking to fulfil the dream of finally getting a Nipple piercing in Bangalore; by none other than the most experienced piercer in town!? Above all, In the Safest - most hygienic environment in the city, you are just in the right place!

Nipple Piercing

Nipple Piercing in Bangalore


Besides India Nipple piercings are also traditional in cultures of Nepal and Tibet, where wearers sport ethnic jewellery called nathori. The Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas adorned their septum rings with gold and jade as a ritual for religious significance.

”Do you do Gunshot Piercing?“ —No!!!

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The Authentic Eternal Expression Septum Piercing Experience

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Nipple Piercing in Bangalore at Eternal Expression is via Appointments Only!

WhatsApp us your preferred date and time to reserve your booking. You could also call to clarify any doubts! WhatsApp is the preferred mode for the fastest communication! Kindly check on our availability before you drop into our studio!

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Before you Come Over for the Septum Piercing

  • Above all, Make sure you have your meal on time
  • Certainly, Keep yourself well hydrated - Have Fruit Juices, Drink sufficient water
  • Avoid Over-consumption of Alcohol 24-48 hrs before the piercing
  • Meanwhile, Clean your Nipples thoroughly with soap and then pat dry.

7 Magical Steps of our sought after Painless Piercing process

  1. Clean the nipple and areola thoroughly with alcohols soaked cotton.
  2. The Nipple is then thoroughly examined for the sweet spot.
  3. Application of Local Anesthesia in the region.
  4. A Sterilized pair of forceps, holds the nipple steady.
  5. The Needle swiftly pierces the nipple.
  6. The jewellery follows the needle into the piercing.
  7. Congratulate yourself on getting your Nipple Pierced Painlessly!


Need more info? Likewise, to place an appointment for a Nipple Piercing in Bangalore at Eternal Expression, Contact us via Whatsapp on +91 9742863993


  1. Next-Day morning after the Piercing Wash the entire region with a mixture of warm water and rock salt
  2. Subsequently, Dry up the region with tissue paper and cotton buds
  3. Then, Apply the provided Antimicrobial Cream directly on the stem of the barbell. Reveal the stem by Sliding the jewellery completely over to one side, then the other. Subsequently, use buds to coat the stem with the ointment. The cream has to be on the part of the stem that hides within the skin. Importantly, use only a paper-thin layer. Dab off the excess cream with a tissue or earbud.
  4. Repeat (step 1-3) twice a day every day for 2-3 weeks until it heals.
  5. If there is redness/swelling in the few days after the piercing. Give us a call Immediately we will certainly, put you back on track!


In Conclusion, The Experience of Getting a Piercing by Veer Hegde is second to none. It isn't the same as getting a piercing done by anyone, anywhere else in the world. Fulfil your dream! Get your once in a lifetime Painless Nipple Piercing in Bangalore at - Eternal Expression!


In close range, blades are more effective than guns in the skilled hands of a master.

At Eternal Expression we practice Manual Needle Piercing only! Subsequently, Followed by the use of a surgical steel or titanium horseshoe barbell. However, rings are optional – not recommended but optional!

Get a 100% safe & healthy Nipple piercing in Bangalore done by the Master himself!

Now for instance, we get many calls a day asking us if we do a manual or gunshot piercing?

We are all in for tradition! In short, we do Manual Piercing only! On the other hand, We do not recommend Guns for piercing or to shoot living beings.


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However, ignore the parts of the article that describes the pain during and after the process. Or the healing time of the piercing.

Since our clients from around the world certainly vouch for our exclusive and famously pain-free process!

In Conclusion: The Experience of Getting a Piercing by Veer Hegde is second to none! It is not the same as getting a piercing done by anyone, anywhere else in the world. Fulfil your dream! Get your once in lifetime Nipple Piercing in Bangalore at - Eternal Expression!


Come, get your Nipples Pierced in Bengaluru at -

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Septum Piercing Price Chart

Nipple Piercing

By Lead Piercer ₹5000 All Inc ENQUIRE

Includes Nipple Piercing Jewelry.


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the healing time for a nipple piercing?
At Eternal Expression, we boast of the fastest healing times for any piercing in the world! Although healing time is very personal, It depends on the general health, hygiene and dedication in following the aftercare routine.
Our average recorded healing time for a nipple piercing is between 14-21 days!Our average recorded healing time for a septum piercing is between 7-14 days!
How to take out a nipple piercing?
The nipple barbell used for the piercing has two screwed tops (ball or spike) unscrew one by rotating it anticlockwise. Then slide the jewellery out the other end.
Horseshoe or straight barbells are preferred(over rings) for the 1st piercing. In case you're having trouble for any reason, you can book another visit to the studio to have it removed safely!
Highly recommend that you do not change the jewellery until 1-month at least from the piercing date!
Also, when you do change, do follow the changing jewellery steps mentioned by us.
Is it safe to get a Nipple piercing?
Considering you have a regular healthy nipple. Nipple piercing performed by a skilled piercer in a hygienic environment is perfectly healthy. In addition, Its believed to have health benefits in most ancient cultures.
The Nipple piercing Price at Eternal Expression is ₹5000 for a pair,
It is ₹3000 if you plan to get just 1 side.
Price includes jewellery and aftercare!
Do nipple piercings hurt?
Nipple piercings, like any other piercing at Eternal Expression, is swift and mostly painless. The quick pinch like pain only lasts a second. More annoying than painful during the healing.
Do nipple piercings go off in airports?
If you do not intend on revealing your piercings during travel, if searched, wear nonmetallic jewellery. Bio-flex Jewelry is an option. Surgical Steel or Titanium High-Quality body jewellery is non-ferromagnetic and should not set off large walk-through metal detectors.