Surface Dermal Piercing in Bangalore

The Surface Dermal piercing is a piercing along the surface of the skin on a flat part of the body, giving an illusion of a  double-piercing look that sits flat against the skin. A surface bar follows the plane of skin, while a standard piercing is pierced through the plane.

The jewellery is put in place – a high-grade surface barbell is only recommended.

Piercing is a precision art-form; practised at Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio. Lead by Master Piercer Veer Hegde - known for his swift and painless piercing across Bangalore City, India and Globally. He is one of the Best Body Piercers in India. The Eternal Expression crew has been body piercing at world-class hygiene since 2010. They have done over 1000 piercings in Bangalore city!

Surface Piercing just like any other Piercing at Eternal Expression is performed manually. Subsequently, high-quality surgical steel or Titanium belly button barbell is the 1st jewellery!

Placing orders for a custom made stud is an option and will have to be ordered a week in advance.

The Authentic Eternal Expression Surface Dermal Piercing Experience

Book Appointment Now! 100% Safe, Hygienic and Painless Surface Dermal [Sternum, Collar Bone, etc] Piercing in Bangalore by the Best Piercer in India - Master Piercer Veer Hegde

How to get in our Good books!

Surface Dermal Piercing in Bangalore at Eternal Expression is on Appointment basis only! To reserve your booking make sure to give us a call to clarify any doubts. Likewise, drop us a WhatsApp with your preferred date and time. To find our contact information to place an appointment and fix your schedule use the contact us page. WhatsApp is the preferred mode for fastest communication. Kindly check on our availability before you drop into our studio!

Before you Come Over for the Piercing

  • Above all, Make sure you have your meal on time
  • Certainly, Keep yourself well hydrated - Have Fruit Juices, Drink sufficient water
  • Avoid Over-consumption of Alcohol 24-48 hrs before the piercing
  • Meanwhile, Make sure the region to be pierced is  thoroughly clean.

7 Magical Steps of our sought after Painless Piercing process

  1. Clean the region selected for the piercing thoroughly.
  2. The Surface is then thoroughly examined for the right spots.
  3. Application of Local Anesthesia in the region.
  4. A Sterilized pair of  forceps holds the marked region.
  5. The Needle swiftly pierces the skin.
  6. The Jewellery follows the needle into the piercing and locked in place.
  7. Congratulate yourself on getting your Surface Dermal Pierced Painlessly!

Need more info? Likewise, to place an appointment for a Surface Dermal Piercing in Bangalore at Eternal Expression Contact us via Whatsapp on +91 9742863993


  1. Next-Day morning after the Piercing Wash the entire region with a mixture of warm water and rock salt
  2. Subsequently, Dry up the region with tissue paper and cotton buds
  3. Then, Apply the provided Antimicrobial Cream directly on the stem of the surface dermal barbell. Reveal the stem by Sliding the jewellery completely over to one side, then the other. Subsequently, use buds to coat the stem with the ointment. The cream has to be on the part of the stem that hides within the skin. Importantly, use only a paper-thin layer. Dab off the excess cream with a tissue or earbud.
  4. Repeat (step 1-3) twice a day every day for 2-3 weeks until it heals.
  5. If there is redness/swelling in the few days after the piercing. Give us a call Immediately we will certainly, put you back on track!

In Conclusion, The Experience of Getting a Piercing by Veer Hegde is second to none. It isn't the same as getting a piercing done by anyone, anywhere else in the world. Fulfill your dream! Get your once in a lifetime Painless Surface Dermal Piercing in Bangalore at - Eternal Expression!



₹1500 setup charge + ₹2500 per Surface Dermal Piercing 

1 Surface Dermal Piercing = ₹4000

2 Surface Dermal Piercing = ₹6500 and so on

(Can be clubbed with other piercings Ear,Nose,Lip etc where setup charge will not be charged again)


Surface Dermal Piercing Price Chart

Surface Dermal Piercing

By Lead Piercer ₹4000 ₹2500 (Piercing Charge) + ₹1500 (Setup Charge) ENQUIRE

Includes custom sized Surface Dermal Jewellery


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the healing time for a surface dermal piercing?
At Eternal Expression we boast of the fastest healing times for any piercing in the world! Although healing time is very personal – depends on the general health, hygiene and the dedication in following the aftercare routine.

Our average recorded healing times for a surface dermal piercing is between 21-42 days
How to take out a surface dermal piercing ?

The Surface Dermal barbell used for the piercing has 2 screwed tops (ball, spike or flat) unscrew one end, then in a circular motion slide the jewellery out the other.

Surface Dermal Piercings are preferred over Micro-derms for their ease of removal.

Highly recommended that you donot change the jewellery until 1 month atleast from the piercing date!

Also when you do change it is important to follow the changing jewellery steps mentioned by us.
Is it safe to get a collar bone surface dermal piercing ?
If you have regular healthy skin. Surface dermal piercing on the collar bone or anywhere else on the body is healthy. Provided it is Firstly, performed by a skilled experienced piercer in a hygienic environment is perfectly healthy. Secondly, it is taken care of well during the healing phase.
Which one is better Surface Dermal or Microdermal piercings?
No! At Eternal Expression, we do not perform Microdermal piercings as the only way to remove it is via a surgical incision.
A micro dermal piercing consists of a lever lodged under the dermis that cannot be removed easily and is prone to rejection.
Therefore we recommend only Surface Dermal Piercings over Micro-Derm.
Can i swim with a collar bone surface dermal piercing?
It is important to make sure the surface dermal piercing is completely healed before you expose it to chlorinated water in a swimming pool.
It is important to thoroughly dry the region after you step out of the pool.
If there is redness or swelling you should get in touch with us asap!

By now you should have guessed The Most highly recommended place for Surface Dermal Piercing in Bangalore!

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