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The tattoo artists affiliated with Eternal Expression rank among the elite practitioners in India. The establishment proudly serves as the distinguished atelier for the Best tattoo artist in Bangalore and India, Veer Hegde. Comprising solely of tattooists and designers of eminent repute and exceptional skill, Eternal Expression has garnered acclaim from tattoo enthusiasts and artists nationwide. The studio, recognized for its world-class team, also extends invitations to internationally acclaimed tattoo artists as guest contributors. Remarkably, Eternal Expression stands as one of the largest tattoo studios globally

Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio

The Eternal Expression Family

The Eternal Expression Family

The Lead Tattooist / Founder CEO – Veer Hegde

Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore and India – Veer Hegde

Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore and India – Veer Hegde

Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio

The Hegde Legacy

Founder and CEO Veer Hegde, the lead tattooist, has achieved national recognition in the Indian Subcontinent tattoo circuit. With a decade-long immersion in the fineart of tattooing, Hegde has distinguished himself as the foremost 3D tattoo artists and portraitists based in Bangalore, India. His accolades include the title “Best Tattoo Artist in India” a notable distinction given the rich artistic and cultural heritage of India. Veer’s ethos revolves around unwavering commitment and a pursuit of excellence, epitomized by placing Eternal Expression on the world map as a premier tattoo destination.

Veer Hegde – First Portfolio: Pinnacle of the Bangalore Tattoo Artistry

Metaphysical Significance of Tattoos

Veer Hegde, the founder, posits that tattoos possess the transformative power to healinspire, and influence individuals, elevating awareness to higher dimensions. Distinct from commercial motivations, Hegde has dedicated his life to enhancing mindfulness and self-awareness through tattoo artistry. As an artist, he embraces continuous growth and considers himself a lifelong student of the craft.

Tattooist Veer Hegde and his Distinct Approach

Hegde distinguishes himself as a custom tattoo artist, designing tattoos for the mind before the body. His curated portfolio reflects a collection of personalized graphic poetry, eschewing meaningless large tattoos for purposeful, individualized designs. Veer work spans diverse genres, including dotworkspiritualmandala, and portrait tattoos, showcasing his innovation in the Indian tattoo industry.

Award-Winning Excellence

The limelight has only intensified Veer’s commitment to excellence, considering himself a dedicated student of the art form. Internationally recognized as one of the finest in black & grey and 3D tattoos, Hegde’s expertise encompasses world-class design and execution, earning him accolades such as “Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore.”-GQ.

Media Recognition and Creative Hub

National and international newspapers and magazines have featured articles on his work, solidifying his reputation as a leading figure in black & grey and 3D tattoos. The studio, now a hub of creative energy, attracts artists, photographers, musicians, and other creatives. Eternal Expression also boasts a highly qualified paramedical tattoo crew, including a full-time medical officer with over 30 years of surgical experience.

In essence, Veer Hegde epitomizes top-tier artistry, not just as a tattoo artist but rather a genuine and exceptional individual. The carefully curated team at Eternal Expression reflects his vision, making it a hub for unparalleled tattoo artistry.

Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore & India – Veer Hegde, known for his extraordinary ability to bring out true inspiration, confidence, belief, faith etc. From the depths of consciousness to the physical realm through a tattoo.

Veer Hegde, the founder of Eternal Expression, has become a national personality in the Indian Subcontinent Tattoo circuit! 

With over ten years of experience in the field of the tattoo arts!

Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde personally replying to enquiries and appointment requests via text messages

Veer Hegde – One of the finest 3D tattoo artists and portrait Tattooists based in Bengaluru!

Voted – “Best Tattoo Artist in India”! A country with such rich art and cultural heritage. How does it feel?


ways been part of my personality to be the best at whatever I do. Above all, I believe in always giving it 100% or not doing it at all! Moreover, dream come true: putting Eternal Expression on the world map of Top Tattoo destinations on the planet!

——- Veer Hegde

1st Portfolio of Veer Hegde: The Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore

1st Portfolio of Veer Hegde: The Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore

Metaphysical Properties of Tattoos

Veer Hegde: the founder believes tattoos have the power to heal, inspire, and influence oneself. Consequently, it raises the individual awareness to higher dimensions. Furthermore, tattoo art has undeniable subliminal properties! He is Not Commercially motivated! He has committed to awaken mindfulness & self-awareness in his clients! Above all, make the most of what a tattoo can be and do for someone!

I do not let recognition make me overconfident. On the other hand, it does motivate me to continue performing at the highest level. However, Being a true, dedicated student of the art and destined to live the tattooing way of life! Further, As an artist, there is always room for growth!

—— Tattooist Veer Hegde – Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio 

One will not find in his portfolio meaningless large random tattoos to build an impressive portfolio! On the other hand, his public portfolio is a curated collection where each tattoo is personal graphic poetry designed for a person with the person in mind.

Tattoos are a marriage for the skin! You need to know and understand what you are committing yourself! 

—— Tattooist Veer Hegde – Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio

He is a custom tattoo artist and one of the few in the modern world. Who designs tattoos first for the mind, then the body? Consequently, the studio emulates his vision!

Tattoo Artists of Eternal Expression and Their Extraordinary Tattoo Skills

His breathtaking ability is to do black & grey fine line work, gradient shading and intriguing realistic portraits.

That is to say, his work reflects the patience of his studies and the constant pursuit of perfection in art.

A dedicated student of the tattooing process, Veer Hegde has utilized his career as a tattoo artist to raise the bar and set a high standard for tattooing. Likewise, he has made his presence felt in various tattooing genres. Specifically: Dotwork TattoosSpiritual TattoosMandala TattoosPortrait tattoosAmbigram Tattoos etc.

The most: unique tattoo designs for each individual that reflect the culture of individuality without losing on its mystique, magic and respect!

The most innovative tattooist in the Indian tattoo industry!

While his work certainly speaks for itself. Veer Hegde counts himself as his only competitor! His attention to detail has earned him respect among other tattoo artists and landed him significant industry acclaim. All of which is insignificant to the sense of satisfaction he feels in delivering the best work possible to each of his clients!

Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde personally replies to enquiries and appointment requests via text.

Award-winning Tattoo Artists

Being in the limelight has motivated me to continue performing at the highest level. The tattooing way of life! I believe, it was destiny! A 100% dedicated student of the art form! Although, as an artist, I feel there is always room for growth. 

—- Lead Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde – Eternal Expression, Bangalore

Most Famous Tattoo Artists in Bangalore, India

Newspapers/ Magazines in India and internationally have published Articles on Veer Hegde. Above all, he is one of the finest in black & grey, portrait work and 3D tattoos! Expertise includes: firstly, world-class design; secondly, world-class tattooing in Portrait tattoos and Tattoos of Hindu & Buddhist symbolism and other tattooing genres. 

GQ India voted Veer Hegde: Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore!

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The shop has become a hub of creative energy, attracting artists, photographers, musicians and other creative individuals! For Instance, we just had a mini live gig by an American & Chinese music band.

The Tattooists of Eternal Expression – International class tattoo artists

लाजवाब! ಸಕತ್! അടിപൊളി! Fabelhaft! superb! awesome! tattoo artist

In addition to staffing, some of the most inspiring and talented tattoo artists. They also boast of A full-time Medical Officer, A former surgeon with over 30 years of surgical experience from JJ Hospital and KEM Hospital, Mumbai, making Eternal Expression the 1st and most highly qualified paramedical tattoo & piercing crew in India! Because we take safety of our clients first when it comes to the tattoo arts in a post-COVID-19 Pandemic world! Likewise, Doctors from the USA, Europe and India have appreciated the world-class setup and standard operating procedures followed, proving the effectiveness of the Eternal Expression tattoo & piercing processes.

Mrs Lata, The Full-time Medical Officer part of the Eternal Expression Crew!

Mrs Lata, The Full-time Medical Officer part of the Eternal Expression Crew!

Tattoo Artists of Eternal Expression

In conclusion, Veer Hegde is a genuine top-level artist! Moreover, A great friend to have, most importantly, an incredible human being! A true original! The team of Super Tattooists is curated and envisioned by him. 

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Life Before Tattooing Veer Hegde -Autobiography

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