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The Ultimate guide on How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo!

The following Aftercare Process has been devised In-house at Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio. By probably the most qualified team in the world! With over a decade of Professional Tattoo + Piercing Experience and 35 years in Trauma Surgery and Recovery.


Day 0

Remove the protective wrap within 1 hour after the tattooing, Then dab the tattooed region dry with a clean tissue.

Day 1

During the morning bath, avoid a lot of exposure to water in the tattooed region. Avoid a shower if possible opt for a sponge bath instead!

After bathing, dab the tattooed region with a tissue soaked in a warm rock salt solution

Repeat the same in the evening.

Day 2+3

Early morning( 36 hours after tattoo) apply the 1st coat of A&D / TattooGoo massage for atleast 2minutes in small circles

Before bathing, apply a thicker coat of A&D or Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on the Tattooed region. It will act as a waterproof layer. You can then bathe as usual; the water should flow over the tattoo. Avoid soap on the tattooed region.

After bathing, continue applying the A&D / TattooGoo 5-6 times per day.

Day 4-21

Start using Baby soap on the tattoo directly during bath every day with regular water. Then continue A&D / TattooGoo application 5-6 times per day till the 21st day.

 *Also Remember





Day 21~

Use Sunblock whenever you plan to hang out on the beach or a sunny place for long hours.

Apply a waterproof sunblock during the day or a thick coat of Petroleum jelly during the night when you go out swimming that could protect you from chlorinated water and bleaching agents.

All the best!

Veer Hegde

Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio, Bangalore

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the Tattoo Aftercare DO-NOT experiment. Contact Us

The Ultimate guide on How to Take Care of Your New Piercing!

Have a Beautiful, Healthy piercing for life!

The following Afterare-Process has been devised In-house at Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio. By probably the most qualified team in the world! With over a decade of Professional Tattoo+ Piercing Experience and 35 years in Trauma Surgery and Recovery.


Day 0

Do not touch or expose the region to water on the day of piercing.

Day 1-21

1. Avoid direct exposure to water during bath until 2nd day, 3rd day onwards cleanse with baby soap & regular water.

2. Clean the piercing with a cotton soaked in warm rock salt solution while moving jewellery along the length of the piercing to dissolve & flush out dried clots.

3. Dry the pierced region thoroughly with loose cotton and then buds.

4. Apply Cipladine directly on the stem of the stud. 

5. Smile:) Because You completed the routine!


 *Also Remember






Day 21~

Stop Cipladine after the 21st day.

Continue Rock Salt soaks, gradually reducing the frequency. 

In the long run, do the rock salt soaks when you feel you could have exposed the piercing to unclean water like – rainwater, swimming pool, beach, deep sea diving etc.

All the best!

Veer Hegde

Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio, Bangalore

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The Science behind the Tattoo Aftercare

Your New tattoo with a safety wrap protects it from pollutants and germs. Leave this wrap on until you get to a dust-free area (indoors). 

Remove the wrap within 90 minutes :

The tattoo needs to breathe to initiate the healing process.

Dab hard with a clean tissue :

The wounds made during the tattooing process are not deep enough to cause bleeding. But tiny droplets of plasma(lymph fluid) will seep out through the pores made in the endodermis.

After removing the wrap 90 minutes after the tattoo, gently dab away any seepage around the tattooed region with clean tissue paper and keep it dry. Always make sure your hands are clean while handling the tattoo.

Throughout the day, gently dab away any seepage around the tattoo with clean tissue paper and keep it dry. 

The inflammation in your fresh tattoo should subside in an hour.

But if you still experience pain or prolonged swelling, you may use anti-inflammatory medication (pain relievers) to reduce the discomfort.

#Do not expose the tattoo to direct sunlight or moisture (rain, swimming pools, or steam rooms).

#Before bed, apply a thin layer of Cipladine ointment on the tattoo. Cipladine is an anti-microbial cream that will protect your tattoo against infection. One application of Cipladine is usually enough; please consult your professional tattoo artist on whether you need multiple applications.

The next DAY

On the following morning, after the tattoo, wash the tattooed region with a mixture of warm water and rock salt so that the surface of the tattoo is free of dried plasma and other particle contaminants. Dry up with a clean towel, then apply a thin layer of Cipladine ointment on the tattoo.

On the following evening, you can cleanse the area with warm salt water again, Dry it up and then apply a good aftercare balm like Tattoo Goo/ Tat Wax. Alternatively, you may use A&D ointment/Baby oil.

Keep the tattoo moisturized by applying a small quantity of tattoo balm and gently massaging it into the skin, do not rub. Reapply the tattoo balm several times a day. We recommend using the cream every two to three hours or whenever your tattoo has absorbed the product. Do this every day until the tattoo heals fully.

The average healing time for a tattoo is two weeks. During this time, keep your tattoo deeply moisturized. The tattoo should never appear dry and should always be coated with a thin layer of balm to keep it moisturized during the healing process.

Before bathing, apply a thin layer of A&D ointment on the tattoo. Use a mild pH-balanced soap, and avoid using soap directly on the tattoo for the first few days.

Protect the tattoo from direct sunlight and rain for at least one month. Use high-quality sunscreen on a road trip or trek up in the mountains, where you can not avoid direct sunlight. A high-end tattoo aftercare cream like Tattoo Goo usually doubles as sunscreen.

If you have A&D or you use any other similar aftercare cream. Use good quality sunscreen when out under the sun.

Further, You may continue to apply the cream on the tattoo for a week, even after it feels healed.


DO NOT use too much Tattoo balm.

Always apply a thin layer of balm/oil on the tattoo. Too much will smother the tattoo and will not let it breathe. The idea is to polish the region but not leave any polish behind.

DO NOT use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

Under any circumstance, Use only specially formulated tattoo aftercare creams like Tattoo Goo/ Tat Wax.

In addition, consult your professional tattoo artist on what product to use.

DO NOT Itch!

The tattoo will begin to itch as the healing process starts. You can pat it or even slap it when that happens. But do not itch, scratch or pluck on it. Keep the tattoo well moisturized to ensure the skin will peel away in soft layers. Do not try to hurry the healing process. Doing so will only damage the tattoo.

DO NOT use multiple products on your New Tattoo.

Doing so may cause chemical reactions between the different products, which could harm the tattoo. Use only products specifically formulated for tattoos.

DO NOT swim.

Do not swim in lakes, pools, bathtubs or other water bodies until your tattoo heals.

DO NOT expose your New Tattoo to Direct-Sunlight.

The tattoo is vulnerable to sun damage during the 1st month. Ink is deposited into the dermis of the skin while tattooing. The process damages most of the outer layer of skin called the Epidermis. This layer of the skin was responsible for UV protection. Until the Epidermis recovers, try to keep it covered when outdoors. Once healed, use a good-quality tattoo balm with sunscreen.

DO NOT lift weights or do stretching-exercises

Avoid strenuous workouts or stretching in the tattooed region.

DO NOT wear Woollen or Nylon-Clothing

Wear Loose cotton clothing during the healing process.

Watch what you Eat and Drink during the healing phase.

Avoid starch or protein-rich Foods. Or consume in moderation only.

Avoid Alcohol consumption until the tattoo has healed!

Similarly, an Improper diet may aggravate the tattoo and increase the heat in your body, which may erupt as boils.

Healthy eating habits will hasten the healing process and enhance the beauty of your tattoo. Include fresh fruits & vegetables in your diet and take a daily Multi-Vitamin Supplement.

DO NOT deviate from the stated Professional Tattoo Aftercare under any circumstance.

Please call us with any questions you may have.

If you experience any of the following symptoms: a lot of pain, deep redness around the tattoo or an allergic reaction like rash or bumps around the tattoo, contact us immediately.

To conclude, If you ever have any concerns or questions about your Tattoo, Do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a Whatsapp or come by the studio!

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