Not every tattoo represents an eternal thought. Tattoo regrets happen for many different reasons, whether it happens to be a long time after getting it done or immediately afterwards. Often mistakes made like the name of an ex, a provocative image inappropriate for the workplace, or just a tattoo you outgrew are all reasons to cover up and hide your old ink. Thankfully, that's where an incredibly skilled tattoo artist like Veer Hegde - voted one of theBest Tattoo Artists in Bangalore and India can help with a breath-taking cover-up to transform the tattoo we no longer like into something we love, with no sign of the original tattoo remaining anywhere on our bodies. Just like magic!

While it's an option to go the laser route and have the tattoo removed permanently, it's also possible to find the right artist willing to work with anyone experiencing tattoo regret to make your old tattoo into a brand new art masterpiece. It's incredible to see the transformations without any trace of the old design.

When looking to get a new cover-up tattoo, one must understand that a cover-up truly works when the new ink is much darker than what is currently within your skin.

A tiny tattoo of an old lovers name can easily be camouflaged, by a rose or lotus blossom with shadows, Although the large and dark pieces are much harder to cover cleanly by flowers.

Blending the unwanted ink into the background of a larger illustration works rather well on dark-themed tattoos. What was once an uncomfortable memory becomes the backdrop to a new half or full-sleeve masterpiece.

Daith, Helix and Tragus Ear Piercing in Bangalore at Eternal Expression

The use of fully packed tattoos is especially effective at hiding old ink, allowing the tattoo artist to go darker without compromising the overall beauty of the piece. Although sometimes multiple sessions may be required to completely mask the old tattoo like a quote or blacked-out birds.The best course in certain situations is to just directly blackout the old tattoo and use the negative space to create a new piece.

We've rounded up a few tattoo cover-ups done at Eternal Expression that are so much better than the original art. There are so many reasons to get a cover-up, and it's good to know that the result can look as mesmerizing as the tattoos in our gallery photos do.

Of course, it's still important to carefully contemplate any new tattoo before making it a permanent part of yourself, but when those moments of regret strike, you know there's always a way to turn it into something even more beautiful.

Custom Handcrafted Cover-up Tattoo in Bangalore by Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde at Eternal Expression

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Experience the Charm and Skill of the Finest Coverup Tattooist in India

Creating personalized Cover-up tattoos take tremendous skill and a deep understanding of design and bodyart! If you are not up for the task of designing your own or understanding what you want, then do not worry! At Eternal Expression, Veer Hegde – the Top Tattoo Artist in Bangalore! is a master of Cover-up Tattoo Conceptualisation and styling. He has been creating unique & flawless Cover-up Tattoos in Bangalore since 2010. His designs, created specifically for every individual, supporting the necessity and theme of the tattoo!

Coverup Tattoos

Coverup Tattoos IN BANGALORE

Covering up the Dark Past with a Sharp and Bright Future

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Coverup Tattoos in Bangalore at Eternal Expression is via Appointments Only!

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Before you Come Over for the Coverup Tattoo

  • Above all, Send us a picture of your current tattoo
  • Certainly, Describe what you want there now and forever
  • Considering feasibility the design can be modified but remember blacks cannot be covered by lighter colours
  • Meanwhile, Shave or Wax the region. Before coming over for the Tattoo


Our most asked question!

7 Magical Steps of our sought after Tattoo Coverup process

  1. Scan the Current Tattoo onto Photoshop
  2. Plan the design based on the Theme and elements defined by the client
  3. The design is optimised so the darkness coverup existing tattoo thoroughly
  4. The Final drawing is made at the accurate size.
  5. The Tattoo stencil is applied
  6. Free hand drawings made were required.
  7. Congratulate yourself on getting a Brand New Tattoo that you Love


Covering up a regret is temporary gratification, Designing a Tattoo for the long term should be priority!

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  1. Next-Day morning after the Piercing Rinse the entire region with a mixture of warm water and rock salt
  2. Subsequently, Dry up the region with tissue paper and cotton buds
  3. Then, Apply the provided Antimicrobial Cream directly on the stem of the horseshoe barbell. Reveal the stem by Sliding the jewellery completely over to one side, then the other. Subsequently, use buds to coat the stem with the ointment. The cream has to be on the part of the stem that hides within the skin. Importantly, use only a paper-thin layer. Dab off the excess cream with a tissue or earbud.
  4. Repeat (step 1-3) twice a day every day for 2-3 weeks until it heals.
  5. If there is redness/swelling in the few days after the piercing. Give us a call Immediately we will certainly, put you back on track!


In Conclusion, The Experience of Getting a Coverup Tattoo by Veer Hegde is second to none. It isn't the same as getting a piercing done by anyone, anywhere else in the world. Fulfil your dream! Get your regret Covered up with an awesome new Tattoo in Bangalore at - Eternal Expression!

At Eternal Expression we redesignManual Needle Piercing only! Subsequently, Followed by the use of a surgical steel or titanium flat-back studs. However, rings are optional – not recommended but optional!

Get a 100% safe & healthy Ear piercing in Bangalore done by the Master himself!

Now for instance, we get many calls a day asking us if we can cover an old tattoo with skin colour?

Black cannot become another colour.


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However, ignore the parts of the article that describes the pain during and after the process. Or the healing time of the piercing.

Since our clients from around the world certainly vouch for our exclusive and famously pain-free process!

In Conclusion: The Experience of Getting a Coverup Tattoo by Veer Hegde is second to none! It is not the same as getting a Coverup Tattoo done by anyone, anywhere else in the world. Fulfil your dream! Get your once in lifetime Coverup Tattoo in Bangalore at - Eternal Expression!


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Cover-up Tattoo in Bangalore

Eternal Expression: creating world-class Cover-up Tattoos in Bangalore since 2010!

A Portrait Tattoo designed and conceptualized by Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde for Bengaluru FC Coach and Ex Manchester United Football Player Ashley Westwood

At Eternal Expression Tattoo Studio in Bangalore, we have successfully brought true satisfaction by different types of cover-up for our clients from around the globe. One of the 1st Tattoo Studios in India to make Cover-ups, Composing flawless cover-up tattoos in Bangalore since 2010!

Types of Cover-up Tattoos

The Detailed description of Different Types of Cover-ups

Cover-up Tattoo styles

Blackout Tattoo



 A blackout tattoo is when a large section of the body (typically arms or legs) are inked with a solid, opaque covering of black ink. Basically, these tattoos are created by filling in a large area on the body with nothing but black ink, like coloring in a whole coloring page black. Blackout tattoos are sometimes used to cover-up older ink, but they’ve also seen rising popularity as first-pass tattoos.

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Creative Reinvention

Creative Reinvention


 Reinventing an old tattoo rather than just covering is done by adding elements or incorporating them into a new design. Instead of hiding the existing tattoo design completely, it is rather creatively modified to become something else. Reinvention certainly won’t work for everyone, but it does make for some powerful inspiration!

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Blast Over

Blast Over


 Blast over tattoos usually involves bold black lines and illustrative patterns. It is especially enchanting and eye-catching if you have light or faded colours in your previous old tattoo. It can sometimes look like stained glass or a tattoo with depth!

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Looking to understand the details of different types of Cover up Tattoos. By the Best Cover up Tattoo artist in Bangalore & India!? Read more about all the different options and styles. Click ☝

”Can you Cover-up Black ink tattoo with Skin colour?“ —No!!!

Black ink tattoos have to be hidden behind a black background!

The Authentic Eternal Expression Cover-up Tattoo Experience

BOOK NOW Cover-Up Tattoo in Bangalore by the Top Cover-up Tattoo Artist in India - Master Tattooist Veer Hegde

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Cover-up Tattoo in Bangalore at Eternal Expression is via Appointment Only!

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Only an artist who has a deep understanding of design with natural creativity and skills can delve into the realms of cover-ups!

At Eternal Expression we have been  creating unique Cover-ups since 2010

Get a 100% guaranteed unique Cover-up Tattoo!


Our clients who discovered us: from around the world certainly vouch for our exclusive and famous Cover-up Tattoos by the living Tattoo Artist legend Veer Hegde!

In Conclusion: The Experience of getting a Cover-up Tattoo at Eternal Expression is second to none! It is not the same: as getting a Cover-up Tattoo by anyone else, anywhere else in the world. Fulfil your dream of getting a Cover-up Tattoo! Get your New Tattoo by the Lead Tattoo Artist in Bangalore at - Eternal Expression!

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Cover-up Tattoo Price Chart

Cover-up Tattoos

By Lead Tattooist ₹2500 onwards ENQUIRE

Includes designing of Custom Cover-up.


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to cover up a tattoo?
A thumb rule for a cover-up is that it usually has to be 2/3 times larger than the original.
Tattoo ink is transparent, which means you can't just get tattooed with a skin tone shade over your existing dark tattoo and expect to hide the old tattoo! The secret to a good cover-up is: to use the darkness as shadows in the new composition.
Can still see old tattoo under cover up?
Ambigrams can have hidden meanings. A meaning to show the world and only the ones close to you. Can see or understand the hidden meaning to interpret it!
Do cover up tattoos hurt worse?
Yes, you should think your decisions through very carefully and decide on a tattoo idea that's timeless and the right thing for you!
Because cover-ups can hurt more than a regular tattoo!
How much does a cover-up tattoo cost?
Veer Hegde is among the Best Cover-up Tattoo Artist In Bangalore and India.
Highly skilled and experienced covering up tattoos since 2010.
A cover-up requires more skill than having a fresh tattoo since the new tattoo has to be "made to fit" and camouflage an existing tattoo!
A Cover-up Tattoo is priced similarly to a fresh tattoo whose price varies depending on detailing and size. The size and difficulty of the proposed artwork will affect the price that starts at 2500!
Can you cover up any tattoo?
Cover up tattoo art is a specialized skill that requires expertise and experience. Covering up any tattoo with a black patch is possible. Although, it certainly, is not an easy task to cover up an old tattoo with a new intricate design!
Some cover-ups are more complex than others, depending on what you already have and now want!