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Are You looking for Temporary tattoos in Bangalore? or for Sticker Tattoos in Bangalore?

At Eternal Expression, you can get Tattooed by India's Leading Tattooist and the Best Tattoo Artist In Bangalore: Veer Hegde.

Whether it's a Temporary or a Permanent Tattoo in Bangalore, you know that at Eternal Expression, we will make sure you get it at the Highest Standard of Quality possible!

We deal in FDA Approved Full HD Multicolored Realistic Looking Tattoos that last for up to 3 weeks.

Placing orders for a custom made Temporary Tattoo for the film is an option!

By now you should have guessed The Most highly recommended place for Temporary Tattoos in Bangalore!

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Experience the Charm and Skill of the Finest Tattooist in India

Looking to fulfil the dream of finally getting a Hyper-Realistic Temporary Tattoo in Bangalore; by none other than the most experienced tattooist in town!? Above all, In the Safest - most hygienic environment in the city, you are just in the right place!



Besides Temporary Tattoos for Branding and Hobby use, Eternal Expression specialises in creating one-of-a-kind Temporary Tattoos for Film.


Realistic Temporary Tattoos for Celluloid

PIRANGIPURA (ಪಿರಂಗಿಪುರ) 2020

Veer Hegde of Eternal Expression designed Tattoos for South Indian Movie Pirangipura - Full Body Suit Tattoos done for the first time in Indian Cinema.

NEER DOSE (ನೀರ್ ದೋಸೆ) 2016

Veer Hegde of Eternal Expression designed Tattoos for Lead Actor Hariprriya for the Kannada Movie Neer Dose (ನೀರ್ ದೋಸೆ) Neer Dose is a 2016 Indian Kannada cult black comedy film produced by T. Goswami and Shashikala Balaji, written and directed by Vijaya Prasad. It stars Jaggesh and Hariprriya alongside Suman Ranganathan and H. G. Dattatreya.
It was one of the most highly acclaimed films of 2016. The film uses comedy and drama to tell the story of three friends.


Veer Hegde of Eternal Expression designed Tattoos for Lead Character in multi-award winning short-film UNDO A film by CV Ramana produced by PVE Entertainment.
A story, when narrated backwards, gives the illusion of a different story!! In one such story, where everything plays in reverse. Actions become undone, destruction turns into creation, Sin turns into Guilt, death turns into life, grief turns into hope. Would life turn beautiful if we could undo actions that cause pain and suffering?


Corporate Events, Branding & Advertising

Anything you can imagine we can bring to reality in the form of a Temporary Tattoo.

At Eternal Expression our prime focus is on Tattoos for Movies, Short-films, Branding-events, Advertising.

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Decal Custom Temporary Tattoos

Stick-on Decal Custom Temporary Tattoos


A temporary stick-on decal tattoo: depending upon its type, where on the body it is placed & the actual design can stay on skin anywhere from 24 hours to 2-3 weeks. Stick-on decal custom temporary tattoos are the simplest when it comes to their application. Once you provide your required design in an HD image file or decide on a tattoo theme and send it to us, we can recreate it as decals. For Hobby Tattoos, Branding events, Logo Tattoos: email your design in HD resolution. Temporary tattoos are fully designed and customized only for FILMS.

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Airbrush Tattoos

Multi-coloured Airbrush Tattoos


Airbrush Temporary tattoos require greater flexibility and freestyle than other tattoo methods. As the name suggests, these tattoos look more like body paint. Airbrush custom temporary tattoo making is comparatively time-consuming also requires a highly skilled artist. Because for making artwork, a person needs to have the skill, well-versed with an airbrush also the appropriate dyes and stencils. Also needs to possess freehand skills for these tattoos. To make an Airbrush tattoo, Firstly, apply the stencil on the required area, then the airbrush sprays ink evenly over the skin. They are relatively easy to remove tattoos which one can get customized according to the need and preference. For removing Airbrush Temporary Tattoos, all you need to do is rub some alcohol & it will start flaking off!

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Henna Tattoos

Mehndi or Henna Tattoos

Last but not least, the most popular temporary tattoos are Henna Temporary Tattoo. As we all know, Henna is a plant-based substance used in powdered form to make a tattoo or an artwork on the body. More often than not, henna tattoos last for 2–3 weeks. However, Henna temporary tattoos last the longest amongst all the other waterproof temporary tattoos. Henna in India and other Asian countries is considered auspicious and used in weddings and other traditional religious ceremonies. Henna is usually drawn freehand with a cone according to a predetermined design. It is easy to make henna tattoos; however, a trained person can make better and beautiful henna designs.

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What Temporary Tattoo type is best for you!? Read more about all the different types. Click ☝

☑ FDA Approved

☑ Multi-coloured HD

☑ Hyper Realisitic

You can get your Corporate logos tattooed or You dream tattoo design no matter how detailed ready in a few minutes! (Provided we have a ready to print tattoo design)

Are you a party animal who loves tattoos.. Wear a different tattoo for every party to match every dress and mood!

We specialize in multicolor Airbrush Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are no commitment tattoos. The best choice for kids! We also organize corporate tattoo events and birthday party tattoo events.

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How to get in our Good books!?

Temporary Tattoos in Bangalore at Eternal Expression is via Appointments Only!

WhatsApp us your preferred date and time to reserve your booking. You could also call to clarify any doubts! WhatsApp is the preferred mode for the fastest communication! Kindly check on our availability before you drop into our studio!

To find other contact information use the contact us page.

Before you Come Over for the Temporary Tattoo

  • Email us the tattoo designs you want to get.
  • Make sure you clean the region with soap thoroughly to remove any body oils.
  • Certainly, Shave the region to remove the tiniest hair for best results.
  • Wash with soap once again and dry with a clean towel or tissues.


Our most asked question!

7 Magical Steps of our Temporary Decal Application process

  1. Clean the Region thoroughly with alcohol to free it from body oils and applied creams.
  2. The Ideal Location and inclination decided for the Temporary Tattoo.
  3. Remove The clear Decal protective wrap.
  4. The Decal is applied to the skin and held in place for a few seconds!
  5. Spray the Release solution evenly onto the translucent paper top.
  6. The wet Paper Top slides on its own to reveal what's left behind.
  7. Congratulate yourself on getting your Hyper-realistic Temporary Tattoo! Painlessly!

“Everything you can imagine is real”

_Pablo Picasso

Need more info? Likewise, to place an appointment for a Temporary Tattoo in Bangalore at Eternal Expression, Contact us via Whatsapp on +91 9742863993


  1. Stay away from Moisturizers and body lotions on the tattoo.
  2. The tattoo is waterproof! Application of flowing water or splashes of water mater makes the tattoo flexible and is good!
  3. Avoid Soap or steaming hot water and soaking the tattoo during a bath.
  4. If the tattoo peals at the edges, rub it back in with water.


Have an important project that requires an Expertise in the field?

With an experience of over a decade in the industry we are the All India industry leaders in the field.

Since our clients from Actors to Models and Corporates can certainly vouch for our Hollywood class quality delivered!

In Conclusion: The Experience of Getting a Temporary Tattoo by Veer Hegde is second to none! It is not the same as getting a Tattoo done by anyone, anywhere else in the world. Fulfil your dream! Get your super realistic Temporary Tattoo in Bangalore at - Eternal Expression!


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Temporary Tattoo Price Chart

Temporary Tattoo

By Lead Tattooist ₹1500 All Inc ENQUIRE

Prices extra for Custom design


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a temporary tattoo cost?
For as many tattoos that you can fit is an A4 size document template will cost you ₹1500 at Eternal Expression.
Is there any temporary tattoo?
Yes. Tattoos that are on the surface will flake out when the top skin naturally peals off. Every 2 weeks a human being gets completely brand new top skin.
How do you get non permanent tattoos?
Temporary Tattoos are made by pigments on the top skin only. Without any injecting of ink into the skin, It will flake off with the skin
Is there a temporary tattoo that lasts for months?
Yes! but they are not healthy and have industrial dye bases that are carcinogenic in nature. The human skin is the biggest organ of the human body. Exposure to chemicals can be unhealthy.
Can you shower with temporary tattoos?
Yes our tattoos are waterproof! But use of soaps are not recommended on top of the tattoo.
How do you get temporary tattoos off?
You can use any moisturizer or body oil and rub against the skin to release the tattoo.
What color tattoo lasts the longest?
All colors last as much! It dosen’t matter what color your tattoo is, it will peel off when your top skin flakes.
Can temporary tattoos cause cancer?
Low quality temporary tattoos that last for months are made of Industrial dyes are made up of elements that are carcinogenic in nature. they could also leave marks on the skin that take months to normalize. Our products are highest in quality and all materials are made of FDA approved ingredients.
Is temporary tattoo harmful?
No! Only if done with healthy materials and hygienically its absolutely kid safe!
Are there any temporary tattoos you don't do?
We don’t do Tattoos of Names!