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Painless Ear Piercing in Bangalore? Myth or Reality?

Body Piercing as an Art-form has existed in human culture even before civilization! Ear Piercing has been part of Ancient traditions around the world. But have you heard of the Painless Ear piercing in Bangalore?

Could any piercing be done without the pain?

As a result of the culmination 

Eternal Expression through years of culminated knowledge, from the traditional to the scientific! 

Has developed an Expertise through skill, understanding and research in the science of body piercing! 

A process like nowhere else in the world; refining the ancient art form with modern research and developments in surgical tools and medicine!

Painless Ear Piercing in Bengaluru is now a reality!

Both men and women have adorned earrings as a status symbol or as an accessory throughout history.

Besides it being a rite of passage! The Ancients were well aware of the many health benefits of piercing & traditionally used precise scientific methods.

In addition, To learn more interesting historical practices & traditions of Ear Piercing, read – Wiki article Ear piercing.

At Eternal Expression, get your Painless Ear Piercing in Bangalore by a Passionate, Qualified, Highly Experienced crew.

Equipped with world-class Sterile Piercing Tools, Disposable One Time Use (Sterilized Packed) Needles. Done in a Clean Hygienic Environment!

A Full-Time Medical Officer is part of the Crew for all Medical Needs(Local Anesthesia), Sterilization and Hygiene.

At Eternal Expression, we practice Manual Needle Piercing only! Subsequently, followed by the jewellery! (A Surgical Steel or Titanium stud/ring)

By now you should have guessed The Most highly recommended place for Ear Piercing in Bangalore!

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Experience the Charm and Skill of the Finest Piercer in India

Looking to fulfil the dream of finally getting a Ear piercing in Bangalore; by none other than the most experienced piercer in town!? Above all, In the Safest - most hygienic environment in the city, you are just in the right place!

Ear Lobe Piercing

Painless Ear Piercing in Bangalore - Ear Lobe

Nose and Ear Piercing Bangalore

The Lobe is the soft, rounded fleshy part hanging from the lower margin of the ear. In other words, it is one of the best and commonplace for one’s first piercing!

Get a Painless Ear lobe piercing in Bangalore done by the Master himself!

Ear Cartilage Piercing

Painless Ear Piercing in Bangalore - Ear Cartilage

Nose and Ear Piercing Bangalore

Ever hear of a Painless cartilage piercing? In conclusion, those pierced by the Master speak for themselves!

Types of Ear Cartilage Piercing

Helix Piercing
Conch Piercing
Tragus Piercing
Rook Piercing
Daith Piercing
Snug Piercing
Industrial Piercing

”Do you do Gunshot Piercing?“ —No!!!

Our most asked question!

The Authentic Eternal Expression Ear Piercing Experience

BOOK NOW 100% Safe, Hygienic and Painless Ear Piercing in Bangalore by the Best Piercer in India - Master Piercer Veer Hegde

How to get in our Good books!?

Ear Piercing in Bangalore at Eternal Expression is via Appointments Only!

WhatsApp us your preferred date and time to reserve your booking. You could also call to clarify any doubts! WhatsApp is the preferred mode for the fastest communication! Kindly check on our availability before you drop into our studio!

To find other contact information use the contact us page.

Before you Come Over for the Piercing

  • Above all, Make sure you have your meal on time
  • Certainly, Keep yourself well hydrated - Have Fruit Juices, Drink sufficient water
  • Avoid Over-consumption of Alcohol 24-48 hrs before the piercing
  • Meanwhile, Clean your Ear thoroughly with earbuds.

7 Magical Steps of our sought after Painless Piercing process

  1. Clean the Ear thoroughly with ear-buds.
  2. The Ideal Location for the Ear Piercing is Marked.
  3. Application of Local Anesthesia in the region.
  4. A Sterilized Forcep then is used to hold the Ear in placel!
  5. The Needle swiftly pierces the skin.
  6. A stud following the needle locks into the piercing.
  7. Congratulate yourself on getting your Ear Pierced! Painlessly!


Need more info? Likewise, to place an appointment for a Ear Piercing in Bangalore at Eternal Expression Contact us via Whatsapp on +91 9742863993


  1. Next-Day morning after Piercing, Wash the entire region with a mixture of warm water and rock salt
  2. Subsequently, Dry up the region with tissue paper and cotton buds
  3. Then, Apply the provided Antimicrobial Cream directly on the stem of the Ear stud. Reveal the inner stem by raising the Ear stud from the inside with the back of your index finger. Subsequently, use buds to coat the inner stem with the ointment. The cream has to be on the part of the stem that hides within the skin. Importantly, use only a paper-thin layer, Dab off any excess cream with a tissue or earbuds.
  4. Repeat (step 1-3) twice a day every day for 21 days until it heals.
  5. Check for redness/swelling throughout the healing phase of the piercing. If any, Give us a call Immediately! We will certainly, put you back on track!


In Conclusion, The Experience of Getting a Piercing by Veer Hegde is second to none. It isn't the same as getting a piercing done by anyone, anywhere else in the world. Fulfil your dream! Get your once in a lifetime Painless Ear Piercing in Bangalore at - Eternal Expression!


In close range, blades are more effective than guns in the skilled hands of a master.

At Eternal Expression we practice Manual Needle Piercing only! Subsequently, Followed by the use of a surgical steel or titanium stud. However, rings are optional – not recommended but optional!

Get a Painless Ear piercing in Bangalore done by the Master himself!

Now for instance, we get many calls a day asking us if we do a manual or gunshot piercing?

We are all in for tradition! In short, we do Manual Piercing only! On the other hand, We do not recommend Guns for piercing or to shoot living beings.


Further, Read the Ear Piercing Chart. However, ignore the parts of the article that describes the pain during and after the process.

Since our clients from around the world certainly vouch for our exclusive and famously pain-free process!

In Conclusion: The Experience of Getting a Piercing by Veer Hegde is second to none! It is not the same as getting a piercing done by anyone, anywhere else in the world. Fulfil your dream! Get your once in lifetime Ear Piercing in Bangalore at - Eternal Expression!


Come, get your Painless Ear Piercing in Bengaluru at -

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Ear Piercing Price Chart

18g-Ear Lobe Piercing

By Lead Piercer ₹1000 Price for 1st piercing ENQUIRE

(Additional Lobes at ₹500 per lobe) Recommended Teen Ear Lobe Piercing Size

16g-Ear Lobe Piercing

By Lead Piercer ₹1500 Price for 1st piercing ENQUIRE

(Additional Lobes at ₹500 per lobe) Recommended Adult Ear Lobe Piercing Size

16g-Ear Cartilage Piercing

By Lead Piercer ₹2000 Price for 1st Helix/Flat or Conch piercing ENQUIRE

(Additional Helix/Flat or Conch piercings at ₹1000 per piercing) 

16g-Ear Cartilage Piercing

By Lead Piercer ₹2500 Price for 1st Tragus, Snug or Daith piercing ENQUIRE

(Additional Tragus, Snug or Daith piercings at ₹1500 per piercing) 

16g-Ear Industrial Piercing

By Lead Piercer ₹3000 All Inc ENQUIRE

(Additional Industrial piercing at ₹2000) 


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

At Eternal Expression, we boast of the fastest healing times for any piercing in the world! Although healing time is very personal – it depends on the general health, hygiene and dedication in following the aftercare routine.

Our average recorded healing time for the ear lobe piercing is between 7-10 days. Ear cartilage, on the other hand, is between 10-21 days.
The Ear Stud has a lock behind that can be plucked out from behind to release the stud. In case you are having trouble removing the stud. It is best to drop into the studio to have it removed safely and changed at no charge!
We highly recommended that you don't change the jewellery until 1-month at least from the piercing date!

When you do change the jewel, make sure you follow all the instructions and best practices!
If you have a regular healthy Ear, Ear piercing performed by a skilled piercer in a hygienic environment is perfectly healthy. On the flip side, most ancient cultures swear by its health benefits!
Ear piercing Price at Eternal Expression varies depending on the location and the gauge size of the piercing.
The usual recommended size for Ear Lobe piercing for someone in their teenage or early twenties is 18g (1mm) which the price at Eternal Expression is ₹1000 for the 1st and ₹500 for every additional. or ₹1500 a pair!
The Helix, Conch or Flat Piercing is at ₹2000 for the 1st and ₹1000 for every additional or ₹3000 a pair! At the recommended piercing gauge size of 16g (1.2mm).
The Tragus or Daith Piercing is at ₹2500 for the 1st and ₹1500 for every additional! or ₹4000 a pair! At the recommended gauge size of 16g (1.2mm).
Price includes jewellery and aftercare!
A gunshot piercing process involves a piercing gun firing the stud into the flesh: forcing its way through and displacing the tissue around the stud. This type of piercing causes bruising and unnecessary trauma to the nose. The ruptured fibres of the wounded tissue will sit around the pierced region, promoting the growth of keloids, scarring or other such problems.
Thus, manual piercing is the best method for ear piercing. Most preferred by Profession Piercers around the world!