MOM DAD TATTOO – Exploring Unique, new style Mom Dad Tattoo Design Ideas For boys & girls

Mom Dad Tattoos (aka Maa Paa Tattoos aka Aai Baba Tattoos) are the holy grail of Tattoos made with Love, You might have many spouses or friends but your parents and immediate family are for life. At Eternal Expression one of the Best Tattoo Studios in Bangalore Mom Dad Tattoos are one of our most fond subjects. Tattoos have been a form of self-expression and personal storytelling for centuries, serving as a canvas for individuals to etch their emotions, memories, and relationships onto their skin. Among the many themes that people choose for their tattoos, honouring and celebrating the bond with parents through “Mom and Dad” tattoos has become increasingly popular. These tattoos are a profound way to express love, gratitude, and remembrance for the individuals who play a pivotal role in our lives. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Mom and Dad tattoos, exploring various ideas and options to help you find the perfect design to encapsulate the essence of your relationship with your parents.



Symbolic Representations

  1. Heartfelt Quotes: One of the most straightforward yet powerful ways to express love for your parents is through meaningful quotes. Consider choosing a quote that resonates with your feelings or even a phrase that your parents often say. Script fonts or handwritten styles can add a personal touch to the tattoo.
  2. Parental Symbols: Incorporating symbols that represent your parents can create a visually striking and deeply symbolic tattoo. This might include using their initials, birth flowers, their favourite knot or even their zodiac signs. Such symbols not only make the tattoo uniquely personal but also serve as a constant reminder of the special qualities your parents possess.

Design Elements

  1. Family Tree: A family tree tattoo is an intricate and beautiful way to symbolize the roots and connections within your family. Include the names or initials of your parents in the design, with branches extending to represent siblings, children, or other family members. This design can be as simple or elaborate as you desire.
  2. Handprints and Footprints: Immortalizing the handprints or footprints of your parents can create a touching and visually striking tattoo. This option is particularly popular for parents of young children. The inclusion of birthdates or names alongside the prints adds a personal touch.

Visual Styles

  1. Portrait Tattoos: Portrait tattoos capture the picture of your Mom and/or Dad. These tattoos will feel like your parents are with you always.
  2. Watercolour Tattoos: Watercolour tattoos provide a vibrant and artistic option for Mom and Dad tattoos. These tattoos can be designed to resemble a watercolor painting, with soft and blended colors. This style allows for creative freedom, making each tattoo unique.
  3. Minimalistic Designs: Sometimes, less is more. Minimalistic Mom and Dad tattoos can be equally impactful. Consider simple line art, a minimal armband, geometric shapes, or small symbols that hold significant meaning. The beauty of minimalism lies in its ability to convey a powerful message with subtlety.

Placement Options

  1. Wrist or Forearm: A Mom and Dad tattoo on the wrist or forearm allows for visibility and easy display. This placement is ideal for those who want their tribute to be seen and appreciated by others.
  2. Ribcage or Collarbone: If you prefer a more discreet location, consider the ribcage or collarbone. These areas provide a more intimate canvas for your tattoo, allowing you to share it selectively.


At Eternal Expression, we believe Mom and Dad tattoos are a timeless and meaningful way to honour the profound impact parents have on our lives. Whether you opt for a quote, symbolic representation, intricate design, or minimalist style, the key is to choose a tattoo that resonates with your emotions and reflects the unique bond you share with your parents. Remember, the beauty of Mom and Dad tattoos lies not only in the ink etched on your skin but in the love and gratitude that inspire them.