Veer Hegde – Best tattoo artist in Bangalore – GQ Magazine

Veer Hegde – Best tattoo artist in Bangalore

Source: 5 tattoo parlors you should visit – GQ Magazine India
Best tattoo artist in Bangalore
Veer Hegde the founder, in other words, The Master-mind, The Man behind Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio; Is rated the top Tattoo artist in India and the best tattoo artist in BangaloreGQ Magazine

Best Tattoo Artist in Bangalore - GQ India

Tattoo Artist Veer Hegde of Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio, Bangalore, India

Known for his innovative tattoo design and brash attitude. Bangalore is certainly, home to a True Original Tattoo Artist like Veer Hegde.

A Defense Engineer by academics, He took up Tattooing as a hobby, but soon it became his priority as he got into love with the tattooing.

and how it gave him the power to bond with people and make everlasting friendships. That was prime to him.

Eternal Expression Voted India’s Best Tattoo Studio in Bangalore by GQ India

The Childhood of GQ India’s Tattoo Prodigy

Schooled in the top schools of Bangalore. His Artistic skills from a very young age impressed the art teacher and his classmates. At a very young age. He has been a child prodigy and making full-colour portraits and Paintings of Hindu Gods since he was 3. Art as a mainstream profession was taboo. He got into Mechanical Engineering. Where he got introduced to Machine Drawing. An Artform in itself gave him again the opportunity to excel. Again his artistic skills impressed professors and other students. Subsequently, he got into professional Turbine design with Indian Defence based Industries.

Being voted The Top Tattoo Artist in Bangalore by GQ India was a reaffirmation for me; Following one’s passion with undying faith and belief will eventually lead you to success!

Veer Hegde

To conclude, Art was always a part of him; Its like one of those things in life you either have it or you don’t.

Although, Tattooing gave him an avenue to express himself artistically.

Moreover, Gave him fame, respect and the ability to pay his bills. Besides, having a decent lifestyle.

Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Veer Hegde - Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio Mechanical Engineer with The Indian Defense Industries to becoming: The Founder CEO of Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio in 2010 and GQ India - Best Tattoo Artist In Bangalore, in 2015!

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