The Psychology behind Tattoos

A Believe Tattoo for girls in Bangalore with a high flying bird representing success. What is the hidden Psychology behind tattoos? and how it went from being taboo to being cool to being a part of life?

Now a universal phenomenon that all modern cultures have accepted and embraced.

The art of tattooing has been present for centuries across different cultures and religions.

Historical clues on the Psychology behind Tattoos

The rationale of tattoos has differed from one culture to another during the centuries.

According to history, Egyptians used tattoos to differentiate slaves and peasants.

Decoding the Psychology behind tattoos

Tattoos spread to China and then Greece around 2,000 B.C.

The Chinese and the Greeks used it as a mode of communication between spies.

Tattooing has been practiced by many ancient civilizations around the world.

Continually practicing Tattooing to this date; Japan and other Asian countries boast of an undeterred rich tattooing culture aged over thousands of years.

The first written record of tattooing in Japan was found in the history of the Chinese Dynasty from the year 297 A.D.

While tattoos were used for economic and cultural purposes back then.

Today a person is free to get tattoos for any reason of their liking.

Capturing Emotions through a Tattoo

Tattoos could represent a loved one, whether living or dead.

Similarly, they could be for religious reasons, like the face of their favorite God.

Likewise, military tattoos are also popular among youngsters wishing to show their patriotism towards their country.

A symbol of Allegiance

These are only a few examples. There are a myriad range of tattoo designs that could seem only as a design for people seeing them, but they have an inner meaning only the person who sports the tattoo knows.

Clinical Psychology behind tattoos

At Eternal Expression Master Tattooist Veer Hegde – the Best Tattoo Artist in Bengaluru specializes in the art of encrypted tattoos.

Above all, tattoos that include personal elements to positively influence the bearer.

Tattoos can certainly, be a great reason to start a conversation with strangers.

A symbol of Rebellion

Sometimes, A person sports a tattoo to give out a clear message to stay out of their way.

For Instance, people wearing a raven or a wolfish jaw or fang.

Likewise, at times, there is a rare belief behind a simple tattoo that only the one who sports it knows.

An Expression of Confidence

Rajput Lion shield with swords Arm Tattoo for man designed and tattooed by Veer Hegde at Eternal Expression Tattoo & Piercing Studio, Bangalore

The fact is, tattoo-lovers are a proud lot!

They have consciously taken the decision to tattoo their bodies.

As a result, they proudly declare that they are what they are.

They are ordinary people like you and me;

Except that they have a strong sense of identity and they have no intention of hiding.

A Reflection of High Self Esteem

A True Tattoo Bangalore-lover has a clear sense of Self Identity and Self Esteem.

They also mostly have a vision of what they want with life.

Radiating an aura that is full of confidence; is what adds to their sex-appeal.

Certainly, undeterred by the fear of judgement and public opinion.

They above all, love to take care of themselves.

Follow their heart and live life to the fullest!

On the contrary, they would love to let others know what they believe in.

And good for them!

Over the centuries, instead of becoming an extinct practice.

Tattoos the last few years have gained unprecedented popularity.

Which only goes to prove that the art has stood the test of time and is here to stay!

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